Will Pokemon Unite be cross-play/cross-progression

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Since Pokemon Unite will be released for both the Switch and mobile, fans are wondering if cross-platform play will be a possibility.

A select few have been playing a closed Japanese beta of the game recently, and the initial reviews have been mostly positive. The game can be described as the mechanics of other MOBAs like League of Legends translated into the world of Pokemon.

It will be five on five, with a roster of 20 playable Pokemon. Can it be played across platforms, though?

Can gamers play Pokemon Unite on both Switch and Mobile?


Fortunately, Pokemon Unite will be playable across both the Switch and Android/iOS. This is great news for many MOBA fans who may not have the Switch, instead preferring PC or mobile gameplay.

Gamers who were looking to play on their phones, though, will have to wait a bit longer to play the game. While Pokemon Unite will be released in the month of July on the Switch, the mobile version won’t be available until September 2021.

This cross play doesn’t only apply to opponents either. Pokemon Unite players on the same team can be either on a mobile device or the Switch.

It appears as though the game will allow anyone to play with or against anyone else regardless of the console used.

Pokemon Unite will also feature cross-progress. This means that once a player has an account, they can play on either mobile or Switch and keep their progress. All items and unlockables will be kept when going from Switch to mobile or vice versa.

Players also have the option to use their Pokemon Trainer Club account or Nintendo Account on both consoles to keep their progress.

In step with bringing a true MOBA experience to Pokemon, the new game will also feature a voice chat function. Voice chat is a crucial part of MOBAs, as it allows teammates to communicate and strategize.

Pokemon Unite, which takes place in the new Aeon region, will allow gamers to play with many of their favorite Pokemon, including Cinderace, Garchomp, and the beloved Pikachu.

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