Pokemon Unite launching on Nintendo Switch in July

Image via TiMi Studios
Image via TiMi Studios

The marriage between MOBA gameplay and the world of Pokemon, Pokemon Unite, is set to release in July.

This game was announced at a Pokemon Direct in 2020 and has since been a large topic of discussion for Pokemon fans. Many were wondering how the elements in Pokemon were going to fit into a MOBA. With a trailer that dropped Thursday, though, fans were finally able to get an idea of how this game will play out.

How will Pokemon operate in a battle arena format?


The trailer featured the 5 on 5 format that most MOBAs are known for. There appears to be wild Pokemon that spawn on the map, though. A wild Aipom can be seen being caught in a PokeBall. This might indicate that weaker Pokemon will act like minions in other MOBAs, while stronger Pokemon will be the main characters.

One interesting question that the trailer raises is how evolution is going to work. At the beginning of the trailer, we see Cinderace revert to Scorbunny, along with other teammates converting to the first stage in their evolution. As the trailer goes by, Scorbunny evolves into Raboot and eventually back into Cinderace.

This actually shows one of the main features in Pokemon Unite. In this game, all Pokemon will start at level 1. Through playing the game, players can train their Pokemon up, evolve them and teach them more powerful attacks. Before each subsequent match, the Pokemon return to level 1.

There are some other details about the game that have been revealed. Apparently, trainers will be traveling to the Aeos region for this game. In order to win a match, players will have to acquire Aeos energy and then shoot it into an opposing goal. This was shown at the end of the trailer with Cinderace using its Pyro Ball attack while Pikachu attempted to block it.

Players will be able to earn Aeos energy by defeating opposing or wild Pokemon. This is likely where traditional Pokemon mechanics will come into play. Apparently, battling to level up and grow more powerful will still be a concept in this game.

The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studios released a list of the 20 playable Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Some of the newer Pokemon were represented, like Talonflame, Cinderace and Eldegoss. The old favorites will be present as well, though, including Snorlax, Mr. Mime and the beloved Pikachu.

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