The best moveset for Palkia in Pokemon GO (July 2021)

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Brandon Moore

Palkia is one of the premier creatures to use in Pokemon GO Master League battles.

This Legendary is best-known as the mascot of Pokemon Pearl and the upcoming remake known as Pokemon Shining Pearl. As a Legendary Pokemon, it is one of the most powerful in existence.

Putting together the best moveset for Palkia is a must. Not only can it dominate the Master League in Pokemon GO, it can be a useful partner when taking on Gyms and Raid Battles.

Pokemon GO: The best for moveset for Palkia in July 2021

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO attacks work differently on offense and defense. Attacking Pokemon, controlled by an actual trainer, rely on attack speed in order to gain energy and deal damage.

For those defending Gyms, controlled by the Pokemon GO AI, their attacks are always done with the same timer. They attack every two seconds rather than depending on the move's attack speed.

In the case of Palkia, its best moveset for offense is a simple one and done. This is because Legendary Pokemon are not allowed to be placed in Gyms for defensive purposes in Pokemon GO.

Therefore, Palkia's best moveset is the Fast Attack Dragon Tail and the Charged Attack Draco Meteor. This will provide a Same Type Attack Bonus for both Dragon-type moves.

It will also maximize the damage and energy done. Aqua Tail as a Charged Attack is not bad, if you want to take small chunks out of an opposing Pokemon's health or make them use up their shields.

If sheer firepower is in play, the two Dragon-type moves are the way to go. Dragon Tail does 16.4 damage per second when used by Palkia. This goes along with its 8.2 energy per second.

Draco Meteor does a solid 50 damage per second when used by Palkia. It costs 100 energy to use with a PVP stat using 18.1 energy per second. The move duration is 3600 milliseconds.

This will ensure that Palkia dishes out serious damage in Pokemon GO. It won't matter if it is another trainer's Pokemon, another Legendary or powerful Pokemon in a Raid, or taking a Gym.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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