What are Milotic's weaknesses in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Milotic is a pure Water-type (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Milotic is a pure Water-type (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Cynthia’s Milotic in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can be a huge pain to deal with.

Due to it’s incredibly high defense and strong moves, Milotic is normally an exasperating opponent already. Cynthia, though, has given all of her Pokemon beneficiary items to make them extra strong, including Milotic who now has a Flame Orb equipped.

Which Pokemon deal the most damage to Milotic?


Trainers might wonder why Flame Orb would be good on Milotic, since having a Pokemon burned is usually a problem. Well, Milotic has a very unique ability called Marvel Scale.

A Pokemon with the Marvel Scale ability will have its Defense increased by 50% if it is statused. So Milotic basically starts off the match by getting a Defense boost with Flame Orb.

Milotic naturally has tons of Special Defense (125 base), so boosting its physical Defense further compounds the task. On top of that, it gets Recover to heal up any damage that a Pokemon can do to it.

All things considered, it’s clear that Milotic’s health is almost impossible to deplete. There are ways, though, that trainers can deal enough damage to pick up the KO.

As a Water-type, Milotic is weak to Grass and Electric. Out of these two, though, trainers will definitely want to use Electric-types. Cynthia’s Milotic knows Ice Beam, so it can still hit Grass-types for super effective damage.

Magneone is a great counter to Milotic (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Magneone is a great counter to Milotic (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In order to actually break through Milotic’s defenses, though, trainers are going to need some effective Electric-types. Unfortunately, Sinnoh is a little short of Electric-type Pokemon, but there are some that trainers can get access to which will make this battle much easier.

Magnezone is a great counter to Milotic. Its Special Attack stat is high enough to where it can deal significant damage. It’s also nice that Magnezone is part Steel-type, since it resists Milotic’s Mirror Move.

Speaking of which, it’s not a good idea to bring another Electric-type Special Attacker since Milotic will take any hit and simply Mirror Move in return.

Another strategy would be to use Milotic’s own strategy against it. Luxray, which is a Pokemon trainers can easily catch, gets the Guts ability. This means that if Luxray has a status inflicted on it, it’s Attack gets boosted by 50%.

With this, Luxray should deal enough damage to break through Milotic, and it doesn’t even have to worry about getting burned by Scald.

Finally, there’s one trick trainers can use to simply blow Milotic away. Since Milotic will already be burned, it’s incredibly weak to Hex, a move which does double damage when the target is statused.

To take advantage of this, Mismagius can use a couple of Calm Minds in front of Milotic and then melt away its health with Hex. For even more destructive power, trainers with Gengar can use Nasty Plot and then Hex for enormous damage output.

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