Where to find Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Ghost-type Pokemon (Image via Niantic)
Ghost-type Pokemon (Image via Niantic)

There are several reasons to look for Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Ghost-type Pokemon are strong against psychics and other ghosts. They're also quite rare, which makes them very desirable.

Whether a trainer is working through research quests and searching for Mew or just wants to have a powerful Pokemon in the Pokedex, there are plenty of benefits that come with catching a Ghost Pokemon.

Unfortunately for players, finding Ghost-types in Pokemon GO is easier said than done. There are some tried and tested methods for finding ghost types in the game that are worth trying. From playing at night to certain weather conditions, there are even specific raids that lend to helping trainers catch the ghost-type Pokemon.

Tips for finding Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Gengar as seen in-anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gengar as seen in-anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

An easy way to find Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO is simply by playing the game at night. Between 8 PM and 8 AM, trainers are far more likely to come across one in the wild. It is important to note that around 2 AM is the best time to go out and look for the typing.

Ghost-type Pokemon like foggy weather, so if hunting at 2 AM isn’t an option, fog is always a safe bet. Lastly, while this is purely speculation, it is rumored that Ghost-type Pokemon like to spawn around churches and urban areas.

Trainers can also wait for Pokemon GO’s annual Halloween event. The Halloween event typically revolves around a specific Pokemon. However, Ghost-type of all kinds spawn at a higher rate.

There are also raids where trainers can team up and battle a powerful Pokemon. If the trainers are successful in defeating the boss Pokemon, not only do they get valuable items, but they also get the chance to catch the boss Pokemon they were battling. While Ghost-type Pokemon are not easy to defeat in a raid, raids are the most reliable way to come across a Ghost type.

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