10 best Christmas outfits for men and women

10 best Christmas outfits for men and women
10 best Christmas outfits for men and women (Image via Pinterest)

As the holiday season approaches, the task of selecting the perfect Christmas outfits can be quite overwhelming. Balancing between corporate gatherings and family dinners amidst a busy schedule adds complexity to the decision-making process. Choosing the ideal attire for each event becomes a challenging endeavor during this festive time.

Indoor gatherings allow for versatility, whether it's a sleek wrap dress or the timeless Little Black Dress (LBD). Formality takes precedence in corporate party attire, while a fun brunch gathering presents opportunities to explore floral prints or vibrant, funky colors to align with a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Sportskeeda team has cherry-picked the 10 best Christmas outfits for both men and women, the list is below.

Best Christmas outfit for men and women in 2023

Staying on-trend while embracing the chilly weather becomes a priority when choosing Christmas outfits. Opting for cozy yet stylish options like sweater dresses and tuxedo coats can be unparalleled choices.

Individual preferences in fashion vary greatly, mirroring the diverse nature of ongoing trends. The quest to select the perfect outfit often leads to uncertainty and hesitation. Nevertheless, gaining an understanding of personal preferences and body type, and harmonizing these factors with current trends, can streamline the challenging task of choosing the right attire.

Here are 10 options to take inspiration from:

1) Sparkling Sequin

Incorporating sequin material into a Christmas outfit can be an excellent way to infuse sparkle into the festivities. Sequins are undeniably fashionable, and opting for a sequin dress in a neutral shade can be a stellar choice. The allure of sequin dresses has transcended time, maintaining its charm from earlier periods to the present day.

2) The Timeless Black Suit

A black suit remains a timeless and versatile choice for men, especially for formal gatherings. This classic blazer can serve as the perfect attire for such occasions. Pairing a structured blazer with a formal white shirt creates a sharp, professional look, ideal for corporate parties. Additionally, for a semi-formal appearance, combining the blazer with casual shirts offers a stylish yet relaxed ensemble.

3) A multipurpose sweater

A sweater proves to be a versatile Christmas outfit, offering various styling options. Women can wear it as an overcoat or as a top paired with a skirt, showcasing its adaptability. Embracing the oversized sweater as a dress and pairing it with booties creates a classy look while adding sneakers can bring a more funky appeal to the ensemble.

For men, the trend of sweater or fleece material remains popular, especially when worn as a turtleneck top paired with jeans. This combination exudes a fashionable yet comfortable style for the holiday season.

4) Cardigans are masculine too

Cardigans are not exclusive to women's fashion; they can elegantly enhance a timeless and sophisticated appearance for men as well. Embracing a cardigan as part of a Christmas outfit can bring a touch of classic charm.

This 90's fashion element can be paired stylishly with baggy jeans and chunky sneakers for a more casual and trendy look. Alternatively, wearing it with chinos and a tee shirt creates a polished yet relaxed ensemble, making it a versatile choice for the festive season.

5) Red is the new black

During Christmas, red stands out as the quintessential theme color. This bold and vibrant color is a must-have in the wardrobe for the perfect Christmas outfit. Women aiming for a sophisticated look can opt for a stunning red dress or pair a black jacket with a red skirt, creating a chic ensemble.

However, for those who find true red too bold, opting for different matte shades of red can be an elegant alternative. Classy hues like maroon, Barn Red, or Firebrick Red offer a subtle yet festive touch to the outfit.

6) Embrace the turtle neck

Roll-over sweatshirts or turtleneck styles made from fleece are timeless fashion pieces that never go out of style. The versatility of this trend makes it suitable for both men and women.

Not only does it provide comfort, but it also serves as an excellent choice for staying warm in chilly weather outdoors. Additionally, this outfit can be styled by layering it with a jacket or scarf, adding a fashionable touch to the cozy ensemble.

7) The cool Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits can become your best friend during Christmas, offering both comfort and chic fashion. Their versatility allows for various styling options. Opting for a sequin jumpsuit can create a glamorous and radiant look, while a casual jumpsuit brings a carefree yet stylish aesthetic to the holiday season. Denim jumpsuits or off-shoulder styles can also be captivating options, adding an enticing appeal to your Christmas attire.

8) The Timeless fashion element: an overcoat

A classic overcoat has the power to transform a dull outfit into an iconic one, providing both style and warmth during festive gatherings in chilly weather. Both men and women can embrace this versatile piece and style it in various ways.

For men, layering an overcoat over formal attire paired with classy boots can create a sophisticated Christmas outfit. Women have numerous options, as they can layer an overcoat over a dress for an elegant vibe, or opt for a more casual look by pairing it with jeans, exuding a carefree yet chic style.

9) Chic Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress (LBD) is an indispensable part of a woman's wardrobe, and it can be a great option for a Christmas outfit. This timeless piece effortlessly exudes charm, whether it's for a cocktail party or a classy formal event. The versatility of the LBD offers various styling options, allowing it to be accessorized in different ways. Elevating the outfit with sparkling diamond jewelry or delicate golden hoop earrings can add a touch of sophistication.

For footwear, pumps with pointy toes are a perfect match for the LBD, enhancing its elegance. However, for a more casual yet stylish look, pairing the dress with Chelsea boots or platform-based chunky sneakers can bring a trendy and modern vibe to the outfit.

10) The comfy plaid outfit

For some parties being held at home during Christmas, opting for comfortable pajamas is a popular choice. Plaid prints serve as an excellent Christmas outfit idea, aligning well with festive trends. Incorporating this print into the wardrobe can be easily achieved, especially for a cozy and relaxed vibe. Loose pants featuring a plaid print offer comfort, while a one-piece dress in this pattern can also be a great option.

For a family dinner, plaid print pajamas in red, combined with Christmas-themed accessories, can add a festive touch to the gathering, creating a cozy and cheerful atmosphere

Christmas marks that special time of the year when selecting the perfect outfit becomes just as important as the food and festivities. The aforementioned list provides numerous ideas for both men and women to consider for christmas outfits. However, customizing outfits based on one's body shape, personal preferences, and the event venue allows for a tailored and unique approach to dressing up for the holiday season.

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