10 memorable TXT moments at the AMAs 2022 that will make MOAs proud

TXT at the American Music Awards 2022 (Image via Getty Images/Jerod Harris)
TXT at the American Music Awards 2022 (Image via Getty Images/Jerod Harris)

K-pop boy group, TXT (also referred to as Tomorrow X Together), made their much-anticipated debut at the American Music Awards 2022 in Los Angeles on November 20. Group members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai walked the red carpet as the youngest Korean act to be nominated at the awards.

Despite losing the "Favorite K-pop Artist" title to their seniors BTS, the boys made MOAs immensely proud and delighted with their appearance at the prestigious award show.

From their coordinated fashion looks to their courteous interactions with other artists and the media, the fourth-generation idols created moments their fans will cherish for a long time.

Take a look at the 10 memorable moments from TXT's evening out at the American Music Awards 2022.

Here are 10 memorable moments from TXT's debut at the AMAs 2022: Fanboy Soobin, Hot guy Yeonjun, and more

1) Friends reunion with Gayle

The Korean popstars met the abcdefu singer, with whom they share a good friendship, during the AMAs. The entire group chatted during breaks and had a photo taken at the venue, which received a lot of attention from their fans on social media.

The artists became acquainted at the Lollapalooza Festival earlier this year, where they both performed. Later, the TXT boys even filmed a TikTok video with her, lipsyncing to the hit song. Videos showed Gayle introducing Sabrina Carpenter to the members, which sent MOAs into a frenzy.

2) The group wants to return as performers

While the idol group was making their AMAs debut, they were no strangers to the venue. Their sold-out Los Angeles concert took place at the same Microsoft Theater in July this year.

Taehyun stated in the red-carpet interview that they would return to perform at the AMAs next time. MOAs admired his confident response and hoped to see it happen as soon as possible.

3) Soobin gushes over Bebe Rexha

TXT's leader was quite a fanboy at the awards. When a reporter mentioned Bebe Rexha's name, Soobin, who calls himself "her biggest fan," was seen excitedly gushing. He did not hold back in tweeting photos of the western artist's performance, expressing his desire to meet her again.

The post was retweeted by the I'm Good (Blue) singer, who agreed to meet, but by then they were on their way back home.

4) More excited than nervous

During their first AMAs appearance, Taehyun told Entertainment Tonight that they were more excited than nervous to be in the presence of legendary artists.

TXT also shared that they would like to meet Stevie Wonder and Imagine Dragons at the awards. Fans were definitely proud to see the members remain poised while making history as a fourth-generation K-pop group.

5) Picture perfect for the cameras

TXT were absolutely poised and confident on the red carpet and it made it hard to believe that it was their first time at an American awards show.

The quintet, known for its unreal visuals, confidently struck sharp poses and used hand gestures while obliging for the cameras at the AMAs red-carpet.

6) 2000s fashion throwback

The band brought their fashion A-game to the red carpet of the AMAs 2022 in their coordinated YSL outfits.

From Huening Kai’s fluffy faux fur coat to Beomgyu’s Playboy Bunny sweater, their bold yet balanced looks were a major throwback to the 2000s indie sleaze style and managed to turn a lot of heads.

7) "Hot Guy" Yeonjun

Speaking of fashion, TXT was asked to choose who they would swap styles with, and Soobin's choice of Yeonjun made all the headlines.

"He looks like a hot guy," Soobin said, to which Taehyun added, "He's always hot" and fans all across the world agreed. The internet was in awe of Yeonjun's ability to make a plain button-down shirt look effortlessly elegant.

8) Taehyun's love for J.Cole

Taehyun picked J.Cole over Kendrick Lamar as his favorite hip-hop artist at the AMAs and fans were not surprised.

The South Korean rapper has previously expressed admiration for the American hip-hop artist, who headlined Lollapalloza, where TXT also performed. J-Hope of BTS is also a big J.cole fan and considers him his idol.

9) Soobin's 'selca' with TikTok star Lexi

MOAs took over the comment section of TikTok star Lexi Rivera's Instagram post after she shared a selfie with the TXT leader.

While the 21-year old YouTuber didn't provide any context for her meeting with Soobin, fans agreed that the two looked great together in their coincidentally matching outfits.

10) The Dream Chapter: A fan's unforgettable memory

A fan's selfie with TXT went viral after she praised them for "being so nice" and accommodating to all of the selfie requests during the event.

On her Instagram, she said that among all the artists at the event, she was most excited to meet the K-pop boy group, and that before the event began, she showed their videos to others who were unfamiliar with the group.

TXT hosted a Weverse live right after the show to share some of the memorable moments of their first AMAs with MOAs.

They congratulated BTS and Taylor Swift on their wins, spoke about the renowned artists they met, and expressed surprise that so many people recognized them.

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