4 actors who are leading the race to play Joel in The Last of Us TV series on HBO

Image via GTAForums
Image via GTAForums

After officially getting greenlit by HBO, the hype surrounding the upcoming The Last of Us TV series has now reached a whole new level.

From chalking out the episode arc to finalizing the cast, the possibilities are certainly endless and exciting when it comes to The Last of Us TV series.

Moreover, the developers of the game, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann recently seemed to be welcoming suggestions as to who would make a perfect Joel and Ellie.

As expected, Druckmann's tweet was met with an overwhelming response. Excited fans came up with their ideal casting pair for HBO's The Last of Us.

While Kaitlyn Dever from Booksmart seems to be an overwhelming fan favourite to play Ellie, the casting of Joel for The Last of Us TV series has attracted quite a few potential candidates.

The Last of Us HBO TV series: 4 actors who are fan favourites to play Joel

4) Karl Urban

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

The Kiwi actor is one of the most charismatic stars today, who has made a major splash ever since his turn as foul-mouthed vigilante Billy Butcher in Amazon's comic-book series, The Boys.

Both Billy Butcher and Joel Miller are antiheroes, who appear to be emotionally impenetrable, only for their underlying moral compass to shine through at critical junctures.

The way Billy takes Hughie under his wing in The Boys bears resemblance to Joel's sense of protectiveness towards Ellie, which constitutes the Last of Us's emotional core.

On the acting front, Karl Urban's acting credentials are right up there with the best, having notched up an impressive filmography so far.

Capable of delivering an unabashed, visceral performance, Karl Urban would certainly make for a compelling Joel in The Last of Us TV series.

3) Josh Brolin

Image via Vandal
Image via Vandal

Next on the list is Thanos himself. Josh Brolin, who is one of the most versatile actors of his generation, is known for combining character depth with elaborate makeovers.

Right from his career-defining turn in 2007's Academy-Award winning No Country for Old Men to his recent appearances in Marvel blockbusters such as Deadpool and Avengers: Endgame, Josh Brolin is a certified star blessed with stellar acting chops.

What's also interesting to note is that while writing the character of Joel in the Last of Us, Neil Druckmann actually took inspiration from Brolin's portrayal of Llewyn Moss in No Country for Old Men.

A rugged action-star, capable of delivering emotionally-charged performances, Brolin would fit seamlessly into the shoes of an aged Joel, who despite going through a lot, holds on to his killer survival instinct.

2) Hugh Jackman

Image via Hero Network
Image via Hero Network

Hugh Jackman aka The Wolverine is an Australian actor who lit up our screens with his majestic performances. He could certainly make an impact as Joel from The Last of Us.

Apart from portraying the Adamantium Assassin, perhaps one of the finest roles of his career was in Dennis Villeneuve's 2013 thriller, Prisoners.

His portrayal of a relentless father in pursuit of his daughters served as a fine display of his acting credentials and won him universal praise.

The father-daughter arc was once again brilliantly explored in Logan, which is considered one of the greatest superhero films ever made.

His look in the film is almost a spitting image of Joel from The Last of Us and Jackman would undoubtedly bring his own signature brand of brimming intensity to an emotionally-layered role.

1) Nikolaj-Coster Waldau

Image via
Image via

Leading the race to portray Joel from The Last of Us, is Danish actor Nikolaj-Coster Waldau, the man known across the globe as Game of Thrones' Jamie Lannister.

The character development which Jamie undergoes throughout the series is one of the most compelling in recent memory and Coster-Waldau breathes life into his portrayal of a misunderstood and weary warrior.

Apart from his roles on Television, Coster-Waldau has also excelled in films such as Shot Caller and Small Crimes.

Right from the striking facial similarity to similar character traits in the roles he's played, Nikolaj-Coster Waldau is currently the overwhelming fan favourite to play Joel in The Last of Us TV series.

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