5 best Song Joong-ki Korean dramas and movies to watch if you loved Vincenzo

Official posters of some of the best Song Joong-ki K-dramas (Image via Sportskeeda)
Official posters of some of the best Song Joong-ki K-dramas (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Song Joong-ki is one of South Korea's most talented actors, well-known around the world for his acting abilities. He chooses drama plots and characters that convey a unique message and showcase his diverse acting abilities. The Vincenzo actor constantly challenges himself and astonishes the audience.

Song Joong-ki is one of Korea's highest-paid male actors. His portrayal of a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer in Vincenzo delighted the audience, who were thrilled to see him in a completely different role. The 2021 drama was a hit, and is still one of the most popular Netflix series. As a native Korean, he was also praised for speaking Italian fluently.

Korean Actor Song Joong-ki (Image via SJK/ Instagram)
Korean Actor Song Joong-ki (Image via SJK/ Instagram)

He has won numerous awards, including Best Korean Actor at the Seoul International Drama Awards and Actor of the Year at the Brand of the Year Awards. At the 26th Asian Television Awards, the series won Best Drama Series of 2021.

From Running Man, Sungkyunkwan, Innocent Man and Descendants of the Sun... Years had passed and I'm still a fan. Dumami man ang oppa, ikaw pa rin ang nangunguna! Happy 34th, Joong Ki. Iloveyou so so much! 🥰💞#HappyJoongKiDay #SongJoongKi

For Vincenzo fans, we've compiled a list of the best Song Joong-ki Korean dramas and movies.

5 best K-dramas and movies starring Song Joong-ki

5) Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)


This is a period drama set during Korea's Joseon era, when girls were not permitted to go to school. Under the pretense of her brother, a female character played by Park Min-young is admitted to an esteemed institute.

Song Joong-ki portrays a mischievous fellow student who constantly bothers her. This drama is lighthearted and different from his previous dramas, and he gained fame due to of his outstanding and humorous performance.

4) Arthdal Chronicles (2019)


In Arthdal Chronicles, Song Joong-ki reunited with his Descendants of the Sun co-star Kim Ji-won. The storyline is set in ancient South Korea, and it follows the main characters as they battle to find harmony between their respective tribal groups just as they're on the verge of birthing a new civilization in the mythical land of Arth.

Another fascinating fact about this drama is that Song Joong-ki played two characters, Eun Seom and Saya, who are brothers but have very different personalities. Song Joong-ki was praised for his ability to play his role to such perfection that viewers were convinced that the two brothers were different people.

Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ok-bin also star in the drama. Eagerly awaited by fans, the second season of the show is set to premiere in 2023.

3) A Werewolf Boy (2012)


In this supernatural fantasy romance film from 2012, Sun-yi and her family meet an odd wolf boy named Chul-soo (Song Joong-ki) after moving to a remote village.

Sun-yi, troubled by the boy's wild eyes and feral mannerisms, instructs him to wait patiently for food, dress himself, and read and write letters and words so that he can someday live among humans. He eventually develops feelings for her, as she was the very first individual to ever show him love and respect.

Vincenzo is not the only time #SongJoongKi cried on the last day of filming 🥺 Finally found the clip of him saying that he cried during the last day of Innocent Man & A Werewolf Boy filmingThe Song Joong Ki ~KiAiles~ always saw and know wears his heart on his sleeves 🥺💙

Unfortunately, Sun-yi's jealous suitor draws out Chul-soo's animalistic impulses, causing problems for them both. The female lead is played by Park Bo-young. The award-winning film left the audience ecstatic.

2) The Innocent Man (2012)


This is one of Song Joong-ki's most impressive dramas, and his range of acting skills is on full display. The show, which is about love and deceit, is a must-see if you want to see the Vincenzo star act as the bad guy. Song Joong-ki's character, who co-stars with Moon Chae-won, is a self-made medical student. He is deceived by his girlfriend, who chooses to leave him to marry a wealthy man.

'song joong ki still has the best chemistry with moon chae won, and innocent man/nice guy is still his best drama to date.'- I love how people always bring this up everytime they talk about their kdrama unpopular opinions. oh my underrated chaeki ship. 💕

He became a bad man as a result of his heartbreak, plotting personal revenge with the support of another heiress. The series is a must-watch if you want to see Vincenzo star in a role other than that of a chocolate boy lover.

1) Descendants of the Sun (2016)


This 2016 TV series is one of South Korea's hit K-dramas, with a maximum audience share of 38.8%. The series, which is well-known worldwide, helped the actor win global acclaim. It also has one of the best Korean OSTs of all time.

Song Joong Ki as Yoo Si Jin in Descendants of The Sun (2016) #SongJoongKi #송중기

Captain Yoo Si-jin i.e., Big Boss (Song Joong-ki), the head of the fictional prestigious special forces team from South Korea's 707th Special Mission Battle Group. He was placed in Uruk for a special assignment, and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon, aka Beauty (Song Hye-kyo), a cardiothoracic surgeon at Haesung Hospital, star in this action series.

Dr. Kang was forced to manage a team of medical volunteers in Uruk against her consent. The supporting leads also had a heartfelt storyline with remarkable chemistry.

─ descendants of the sun (2016)

Professional and philosophical differences aside, the leads are united. The plot revolves around the protagonists as they deal with their differences while displaying the beautiful chemistry that won them the awards for Asia Best Couple, Best Couple Award, and Grand Prize (Daesang) in 2016. Kim Ji-won, Jin Goo, and Shinee's Onew are among the star-studded cast.

Korean Actor Song Joong-ki (Image via SJK/ Instagram)
Korean Actor Song Joong-ki (Image via SJK/ Instagram)

If you enjoy action and romantic dramas like Vincenzo, then this is a must watch. In 2016, the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards Grand Prize was awarded to Descendants of the Sun, which was named the Most Popular Show of the Year by the Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation (KBS).

Song Joong-ki is known for bringing the most memorable characters to Korean television. Since his rookie days, his work has been commendable.

[01.03.2022] Vogue Man Hong Kong’s anniversary issue features cover star Song Joong Ki,the legendary South Korean actor. 🎀

He is also known as the Korean entertainment industry's flower boy. The 36-year-old is also acknowledged as the country's brainiest actor, owing to his status as a straight-A student with a degree in Business Administration from Sungkyunkwan University, the best B-school in the country.

The Daejeon native has been a national-level speed skater since his school days, but he eventually had to stop due to an ankle injury.

Despite his struggles and numerous accomplishments throughout his rookie years, the actor has always been known to be humble among his co-stars and crew.

Fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the Arthdal Chronicles series. The show will premiere in 2023 and filming will begin this year. However, no new cast members have been announced.

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