5 classic John Dutton moments in Yellowstone

5 classic John Dutton moments in Yellowstone (Image via Paramount Networks)
5 classic John Dutton moments in Yellowstone (Image via Paramount Networks)

Yellowstone is no doubt one of the top titles among the many popular series airing these days. The series, which first premiered back in 2018, has already released 4 complete seasons with the fifth season beginning to air on November 13, 2022 on Paramount Network.

Created by Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone is a neo-western drama series which follows the lives of the Dutton family, owners of the Yellowstone Ranch in Montana.

The series captures the essence of what being a cowboy is, and life at a ranch quite accurately. Sheridan himself was a cowboy in his early years and grew up on their own ranch, before they lost it and had to move away.

Thus, he is quite well aware of what the lifestyle ensues and what hurdles may come around. This has also helped him create some amazing characters for the series, namely the Dutton family.


James Dutton takes on the mantle of the most prominent character in the series and is portrayed as a man made up of hard-learnt experiences. Kevin Costner has done a brilliant job portraying the character, and makes for one of the most compelling reasons that Yellowstone has reached such popularity.

Promises, ranching and more - 5 of the most classic moments in Yellowstone that define John Dutton

1) John Dutton makes and breaks his own rules

John Dutton in Yellowstone (Image via Paramount Networks)
John Dutton in Yellowstone (Image via Paramount Networks)

John Dutton's character can be termed the as the most pivotal character of Yellowstone. As the patriarch of the Dutton family and owner of Yellowstone Ranch, his authority on the ranch is absolute. He is the one who calls the shots there, and others need to comply with it.

When the clash between the Dutton family and Wade Morrow starts off in the third season, viewers see that there is some bad history between the two. As Wade pulls at their ropes by letting the buffaloes roam close to the ranch border, he is confronted by Dutton and the ranch hands.

Although John tells everybody not to lash out at Wade, he does the same within the next few seconds. This reinstates John Dutton's indomitable character and the traits of an alpha.

2) He values his promise more than anything


John Dutton has been portrayed as a man of integrity who understands and respects the value of words. He had a difficult past and faced multiple hurdles and obstacles before he established himself and the Ranch as one of the biggest and most premier ranches in the States.

John's values dictate him to always hold the santity of a promise dear, and his actions go to show it. His long and arduous fight to protect the ranch has a much deeper context to it than many may know.

He made a promise to his father to never let go of the ranch even for any reason whatsoever, and he says:

"This is my home. I made a promise. Protect it, care for it, love it. Me and this family can’t break it."

3) What makes him ranch?


Yellowstone has made a huge impact on the American audience and has brought the cowboy lifestyle back to the forefront. The series delves into the nitty gritty of life on a ranch and how hard some of it can be, with considerable accuracy.

It portrays the daily struggles of the Dutton family and ranch hands as they go about trying to do their job of rearing livestock while protecting the property from tresspassers.

While a life on a ranch rearing livestock among lush green fields sounds very peaceful, ranching is a tough business and it comes with its own hardships.

Tate, John's grandson, also has the same question as many - if it's so hard, why do it at all? John answers it with the love and passion he has for his job, with the hopes that his grandson will also one day embrace the lifestyle.

4) His line that kicked off the western shootout


The Yellowstone Ranch has been under fire from many adverseries, with everybody trying to take it for their own benefit and agenda. The fourth season of the show started off with a co-ordinated attack on the whole Dutton family. It left John heavily injured, Kayce shot, and the whole ranch in distress.

As the season progressed, we got glimpses of the mystery behind the attack as Chester "Checkers" Spears got caught by Chief Rainwater's security detail.

Rainwater hands Checkers off to a recovered John Dutton, who gives him an even chance. They stage an old Western-style shootout, where John kills Checkers and the latter falls into the canyon. This scene has become one of the most iconic scenes with the building tension and a sort of payback for the attack that took place on the Duttons.

"Care to send me to heaven? Before I park your sorry a** in hell."

5) John Dutton runs for Governor


Season 4 of Yellowstone was packed with a lot more action and surprises than expected. It started off with a mercenary attack and a heavily injured John Dutton being rushed to the hospital at risk of death. However, one of the highest point of the season had to be the seventh episode where the candidacy for the seat of Governor was announced.

The moment when Lynelle Perry announced her choice for the next governor of Montana is still one of John's most iconic moments. He surpases Jamie's plan of being the endorsed candidate for the seat of Governor and runs for the seat himself.

This paved the way for the fifth season with John Dutton as the newly appointed Governor of Montana.

The candidacy also created one of the most iconic lines in the series, which was John's slogan, "D**n right I did it."

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