5 epic DC action sequences that are unforgettable

Iconic DC action sequences that are unforgettable (Image via @wonderwomanfilm, @snydercut, @justiceleague/Instagram)
Iconic DC action sequences that are unforgettable (Image via @wonderwomanfilm, @snydercut, @justiceleague/Instagram)

When it concerns superhero films, the DC Extended Universe is all about quality standards. On more than one occasion, the franchise has choreographed and shot brilliantly orchestrated action scenes. DCEU holds a reputation for infusing its superhero blockbusters and diverse library with several of cinema's finest superhero showdowns.

DCEU has and will continue to produce some of the most unforgettable moments for movie buffs with numerous promising projects in the pipeline and several well-known personalities at work. Although some of their films aren't as renowned as others, there are particular scenes that all fans enjoy revisiting.

From the Man of Steel to Wonder Woman and Justice League, DCEU's biggest battles cannot be easily narrowed down. There are undoubtedly more spectacular action sequences than any fan can possibly imagine. DCEU is full of memorable moments, from fantastic fight scenes to significant character developments.

Below are a few notable scenes to represent DC's iconic action sequences.

Ultimate DC smackdowns that surpassed fans' expectations

1) Superman vs Justice League


As per fans, this is arguably one of the finest battle sequences in the expanding DCEU.

Halfway through Justice League, the team decides to use a Mother Box to resuscitate Superman, following which the Kryptonian awakens in a panicked condition. The hero is uncertain as to who is ally and who is enemy. This sets off one of the most exciting confrontations in DCEU, in which Superman dismantles almost every superhero in the Justice League.

It's fantastic for a variety of reasons, like providing fans with the Batman vs Superman battle they deserve. Batman's concerns about the havoc that will follow if the world's foremost superhero turns wayward are acknowledged for the first time.

After all, this isn't Superman wreaking havoc on a random adversary, but nearly killing his best companions. Although the battle itself is brief, it is quite exhilerating to to watch the heroes struggle, with comical elements scattered throughout the scene.

2) Zack Snyder's Justice League vs Steppenwolf: The final showdown

Zack Snyder's Justice League (Image via @Itssan17/Twitter)
Zack Snyder's Justice League (Image via @Itssan17/Twitter)

On its own, this battle sequence justifies the movie's title. In Zack Snyder's Justice League climax, the league fights off Steppenwolf in a dramatic action scene where every character finds their opportunity to excel.

While Flash manages to exhibit his super-speed by saving bystanders at lightning speed, Cyborg ends up taking knocks on behalf of everyone thanks to his practically unbreakable robot-like metal body and absence of pain.

Simultaneously, Batman manages to execute several handy gadget-based stunts and utilizes his stockpile of automobiles to the best of its ability. They are joined by Aquaman and his trident as Wonder Woman thrashed some incredible throws at Steppenwolf. Lastly, with a little bit of assistance from Superman, they eliminate Steppenwolf.

The Justice League's climax enables Superman to demonstrate his significant power levels as he easily defeats Steppenwolf. The beauty of the Justice League ending is that it allows everyone a chance to shine. It enables every one of its superheroes to be distinctive, making them vital members of the league.

3) The last fight between Superman and Zod in Man of Steel


When the rest of Zod's minions are sucked into a blackhole conveniently created by Superman and the military's joint forces, people feel a brief moment of relief. However, it doesn't last long as Zod reappears, swearing to cause further destruction on Earth and its people.

This leads to a the ultimate fight between Superman and Zod, and it consists of all the right elements. The scene brilliantly encapsulates Zod's contempt towards Kal El. For the first time in decades, fans genuinely comprehend why the villains conduct was acceptable when viewed from an impartial viewpoint - Kal El was the cause of Krypton's annihilation.

The metropolis is plunged into chaos because of the scrimmage between Superman and Zod. This demonstrates how tiny and insignificant people on earth are in comparison to these Kryptonians. The event had its quick conclusion with Superman breaking the Kryptonians neck like a twig.

4) Wonder Woman crossing No Man's Land


The No Man's Land battle scene is an interesting sequence as it manages to convey an enormously genuine and iconic feeling of hope. Wonder Woman lives up to her reputation in this classic scene from the 2017 Wonder Woman.

Steve Trevor instructs Diana to ignore the innumerable Allied troops riding alongside them, who are doomed to die. After a painful moment of doubt, Diana aka Wonder Woman chooses to dismiss Steve's skepticism and wades onto the battleground.

With all of her armor-clad grandeur, she attempts to save her companions' lives and ascend to the great task that lies before her. She's attacked from all sides, but fortunately succeeds in blocking all approaching shots using her bracelets and shield.

Although the previously mentioned cliched element drags the event down a notch, it remotely compares to the overpowering scene’s absolute awe. It was a combat sequence that proudly announced that Wonder Woman has come and will be staying for good.

5) Smallville fight scene in Man of Steel


Man of Steel is among the numerous underappreciated superhero films of all time. The fighting moments in this film create anticipation and thrill in manners that no other film has done previously. In only a few moments, Man of Steel's Battle of Smallville delivers far too much to take in.

Although the Kryptonians are not used to Earth's atmosphere, Clark has a greater understanding of the surroundings than his foes, who are more adept fighters, balancing the combat yet again. As a result, the confrontation is just the right amount of balance.

The sequence contains several of the most dramatic battle techniques ever seen in a superhero film, as well as absolutely incredible cinematography. The menace of the enemies, as well as our hero's power, is confirmed in the fight scene, displaying an overwhelming amount of toughness and ferocity via the battle scene's excellent cinematography.

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