5 most-viewed ITZY’s music videos as of June 2022

K-pop girl band ITZY (Image via @ITZYofficial/Twitter)
K-pop girl band ITZY (Image via @ITZYofficial/Twitter)

The South Korean girl band, ITZY, has been making headlines for all good reasons. The band established a name for itself from day one, as its first song DALLA DALLA earned massive recognition from critics.

From amazing backdrops to splendid choreography, the five-member band has done it all. Most recently, ITZY has dropped the tracklist of their upcoming comeback Checkmate.

Fans now wait eagerly for what the group has to offer.

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With new concepts and attractive visuals, it would be interesting to see the future global dominator K-pop female group.

In light of this, let’s take a look at ITZY’s journey and their most-viewed music videos.

Five most-viewed music videos of ITZY that left an impression on fans

5) Not shy


With dramatic entrances and smoldering looks, the hit track places at number 5 on this list with 192 million views. Not shy came out on August 17, 2020, as the lead single of the group’s album of the same name.

The pop track has elements of hip-hop and rock. Not shy ranked #124 on Billboard Global 200 and #70 on Billboard Global Excl. US Charts, which accounts for the massive success of a K-pop song.

The music video gives off a hardcore, rebel vibe that justifies the title.The upbeat music and catchy tunes make heads turn and rightly so.

4) In the morning


In the morning, also referred to as Mafia in the morning was released on April 30, 2021. It is the lead single of ITZY’s fourth Extended Play, Guess Who. With stunning visuals and amazing transitions, the track garnered 218 million views.

The hit track peaked at number ten on the Gaon Digital Chart and Number 7 on Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100.

In the morning is a pop song with suspenseful synths that keep the listener hooked and captivated. Lyrically, it talks of secretly stealing the hearts of the person one admires.

3) ICY


With the video of ICY, band members have done a great job of showing that confidence has the power to change people's perspectives. The video sees the band members appearing at a casual cafe in glamorous outfits and even has them go grocery shopping in bold and bright neon colors.

The track was released on July 28, 2019, as part of ITZY’s debut Extended Play, It'z Icy. It received 248 million views at the time of writing and continues to grow. The lyrics denote how one should ignore all the negativities people throw at them.

β€œThey keep talking, I keep walking.”

ICY also focuses on empowerment with its strong visuals and energetic beats. The dynamics each member represents in the music video are note-worthy.



DALLA DALLA was released on February 12, 2019, as the lead single of ITZY’s debut album, It'z Different. The song was a huge success and garnered 17.1 million views just 24 hours after its release. The numbers placed the group as the most-viewed debut music video by a K-pop group in 24 hours.

With a whopping 308 million views, the track advocates for self-faith and focuses on attaining confidence. DALLA DALLA, translates to β€˜different’ in English, and the track is referred to as a fusion track. It has elements of hip hop, electropop, EDM, and house.

The lyrics reflect the group’s attempt to make people embrace themselves:

"I'm different from other kids. Don't try to measure me by your standard, I love myself, I'm somewhat different, yeah. I'm different from you."



Saving the best for last, the group's hit track WANNABE tops the list with 448 million views. The song was released on March 9, 2020, as part of the group’s second extended play titled It'z Me.

It is no surprise that this is the group's most-viewed song and managed to garner 11 million views just 24 hours after its release.

WANNABE is a reminder that people should focus on who they truly are instead of burying themselves in the shackles of society. It stresses one’s individuality and freedom to achieve what one wants without caring about others' expectations.

good night here’s a video of itzy performing wannabe and loco back to back

From cutting their hair short to removing heels before walking the runway, ITZY members try to show the effects of getting rid of societal norms that hold you down.

Additionally, the track’s choreography is top-notch as well. With groovy moves and energetic formations, the group outdid itself.

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