5 times BTS' Jung Kook showed off his love for boxing

BTS' Jung Kook has often shown his love for boxing and sparring on livestreams and behind-the-scenes videos. (Image via Instagram/ @akiyamachoo)

There is not much that BTS' Jung Kook is not good at. He has often been seen enjoying high-octane adventurous activities like bungee jumping and roller coasters almost as much as he loves workouts of different kinds.

In fact, during the Run BTS episodes that involved any kind of physical activity, the maknae would dominate to the point that the other BTS members teamed up in an effort to defeat him, barely succeeding to do so.

From being a fan of using his bodyweight while exercising to trying out boxing as a means to stay fit, the Euphoria singer has shown fans that he enjoys working out on multiple occasions. He has shown his love for boxing with his trainer and professionally trained fighters several times.

Sparring with professionals, giving TXT's Taehyun boxing gloves, and other times BTS' Jung Kook was a boxing fanatic

1) The multiple times he shared videos with his trainer since 2019

The Dreamers singer has not only been vocal about his interest in boxing, but he has also shown that he can walk the walk too. He has shared videos of himself practicing with his trainer since 2019, which is when he was first drawn towards the sport.

A Twitter user posted the above compilation of his training videos which show a clear progression in his form and style since he started. Jung Kook might yet be an amateur, but it is clear that he has made significant headway in the sport.

2) Regretting not being able to focus on the sport in 2019

Jung Kook's multiple talents have not taken his humility. He mentioned in a video that he wanted to carry out many activities but always backed out from them because of laziness.

The pandemic canceled many of the idol's schedules allowing him to focus on learning the things that he had wanted to earlier. Boxing was one of them, and his practices over the last few years indicate his enduring love for it.

3) Giving TXT's Taehyun three boxing gloves

TXT's Taehyun shares Jung Kook's love for boxing, and has even posted videos of himself on the group's Twitter account. The BTS member was once asked by Taehyun if he had a glove to spare for practicing.

A day later, Taehyun found three gloves in the gymnasium with a sticky note with "Jung Kook" written on it, signifying that it was from the elder idol. After the TXT vocalist told this story on a livestream, the My Time singer went viral on Twitter for his kindness.

4) That one boxing livestream he did in permed hair

Jung Kook's livestreams on Weverse, and prior to this, V Live are always an unexpected treat for fans. From washing vessels to folding underwear and falling asleep with millions of people watching, the Begin vocalist does not hesitate to show fans a glimpse into his life.

In February of this year, he did a livestream which showcased a boxing training session. ARMY, was, of course, enthralled, but Jimin and j-hope also tuned in and commented on the same. If Jung Kook's way of showing love for activities is turning on Weverse Live, it can be assumed that boxing is something he enjoys immensely.

5) Sparring with MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon (aka Yoshihiro Akiyama) from Physical 100 and gaining compliments

News of Jung Kook's skills reached professional fighter Choo Sung-hoon whom one might know from Netflix's Physical 100, and he invited the idol to a friendly sparring match. The two even grabbed dinner together later, and Sung-hoon was surprised at how well the younger man ate.

In an interview, the MMA fighter said he was surprised at how well the BTS vocalist fought, even going as far as saying that he could go professional if he practiced a bit more. This compliment is huge coming from Choo Sung-hoon, who is a respected professional with over 18 years under his belt so far.

It is clear that Jung Kook is really fond of boxing and has even acquired a certain level of proficiency because he has stuck with it for many years. Idols deal with a lot of unseen worries, and boxing seems to be an ideal outlet that can serve as an exercise and discipline.

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