7 most iconic sneakers Michael Jordan has worn

7 most iconic sneakers Michael Jordan has worn (Image via Nike)
7 most iconic sneakers Michael Jordan has worn (Image via Nike)

The NBA legend Michael Jordan's incredible career has been the subject of Netflix's famous docuseries, The Last Dance. Along with illustrating MJ's on-court and off-court styles, the docuseries also looked at Michael Jordan's most documented season as the most iconic basketball player.

The docuseries revealed the history of a specific period of on-foot heroics and highlights, as an homage to Michael Jordan's ascent, past, and future. It also offered a glimpse into how the player rotated models of shoes and always rose to the occasion. During his ascent to the NBA Hall of Fame, MJ transitioned from wearing Air Jordan's signature models to becoming CEO of the Jordan label.

Below is a list of the most memorable shoes that Michael Jordan wore throughout his career and during key junctures.

Michael Jordan wore these 7 classic sneakers through his ascent to the Hall of Famer title

1) The Nike Air Ship 1984

Before the launch of the OG Air Jordan 1 silhouette, the swoosh label gave Michael Jordan a white and red pair of Air Ships for the legend's fifth game with the Chicago Bulls in the first season.

The Nike Air Ships were produced in limited units and featured "Nike Air" lettering printed over the heels. Following the Bulls game on November 1, 1984, the pair were later gifted to Ballboy Lewis. The shoes are currently worth up to $1.47 million.

2) Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago (1985)

Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago (1985) (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago (1985) (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Nike Air Jordan 1 became one of the most iconic shoes in the sneaker world, and its history started with the player sample of Chicago. Michael Jordan wore the pair against the Philadelphia 76ers and Dr. J. in 1984 before the silhouette was released.

The silhouette, manufactured between February and April 1985, marked the first time any brand had collaborated with a player to form a signature line. At the moment, The Tong Yang Player Sample Chicago is worth $560,000.

3) Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared

Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared (Image via Nike)
Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared (Image via Nike)

The iconic Air Jordan 6 Infrared colorway was worn by Michael Jordan when he won his first NBA championship. The pair were worn on the historic day of June 7, 1991, in Los Angeles as he defeated his childhood hero, Julius Erving, to win the NBA finals.

The sneakers were inspired by Jordan's Porsche 911. One of Jordan's most important shoes throughout his career was this silhouette, it can be said.

4) Nike Air Jordan 14 Last Shot (1998)

The shoes Jordan wore when he won his sixth championship is just as significant as the pair he wore when he won his first championship. During the finale against the Utah Jazz in 1998, in which Michael Jordan won, he was seen wearing an early Air Jordan 14 prototype during the game.

The shoe earned the nickname "Last Shot" due to his basket throw in the last (6th) NBA finals. It came in a Black/Black-Varsity Red colorway, and were inspired by Jordan's love of Ferrari sports cars.

5) Air Jordan 13 in Black / True Red / White color palette

Air Jordan 13 in Black / True Red / White color palette (Image via Nike)
Air Jordan 13 in Black / True Red / White color palette (Image via Nike)

MJ wore the Air Jordan 13 in the Black/True Red/White color palette in 1998. He also did an iconic photoshoot for the NBA All-Star Weekend portraits, sporting the shoes. Michael Jordan took home the title of MVP in the same year. In the docuseries, The Last Dance, MJ was seen interacting with the present, past, and future of the game at the NBA All-Star weekend wearing these sneakers.

Later, he also wore the same sneakers during the 1998 postseason.

6) Air Jordan 12 Flu Game

During the 1996/97 season, MJ wore a pair of Nike Air Jordan 12 in a bred colorway. Because of Michael Jordan's most historic and iconic performance, the pair is now known as Flu Game. MJ had a 103-degree fever due to stomach flu during the fifth NBA championship. As a result, the shoe's name makes a lot more sense.

The original pair was auctioned at Grey Flannel at a price of $104,765.

7) Air Jordan 3 Fire Red / Dunk Contest 1998

In 1998, MJ won the Dunk Contest, and he wore a pair of Air Jordan 3 White Cement/Fire Red during the game. The NBA legend jumped from the free-throw line to score an elegant dunk twice.

The pair was recently released again on February 14, 2018, while celebrating AJ3's 30th anniversary.

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