All TXT variety shows that the group participated in 

TXT variety shows have shown an evolution since their debut. (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/ Twitter)
TXT variety shows have shown an evolution since their debut. (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/ Twitter)

TXT variety shows have always been engaging and lively, displaying the five-member group's bond with one another. TOMORROW X TOGETHER, like their senior, BTS, has been the focus of various variety shows where they promote themselves as artists. The shows also provide insight into each member's unique characteristics.

A well-known variety show may be the safest bet for a Korean celebrity to promote their work. Everyone, from well-known actors to K-pop idols, relies on variety shows to discuss their work and compete in extremely competitive games that display different aspects of their personalities.

Some shows have been on air for more than a decade, building a loyal fan following over the years. Running Man, for instance, is watched by people all over the world for truly inventive games that transcend language barriers.

The TXT variety shows that all fans should watch

Variety shows can also increase interest in an artist's music or personality, especially among the general Korean public, who would not have known them otherwise. TXT, in particular, has displayed a lot of potential during their appearances on these shows.

Here are the TXT variety shows you should not miss.

1) TO DO X TXT: The show where the members and editors create chaos

TO DO X TXT is the weekly TXT variety show that started in 2020. Fourth-generation K-pop groups will not often have regular shows early in their careers. However, the Crown group achieved a lot of success in their debut year itself, so it makes perfect sense to invest in a show like this.

TO DO works because the members are incredibly competitive and will go to any length to tease each other for the sake of a game. From incessant foul play to relaxed betrayals, the production does a good job of making sure the episodes are entertaining and hilarious.

The editors of TO DO often steal the spotlight by using green screens to their full capacity and adding the group's Can't You See Me (a song about friends who have drifted apart) as background music when the group starts bickering. Usually aired on Mondays on YouTube and VLive, the show recently started airing again after TXT's comeback.

2) ONE DREAM.TXT: The show that introduced TXT to the world

When the group was still a rookie in 2019, right after their fresh debut, they released a variety show in collaboration with MNet called ONE DREAM.TXT, referencing their greeting ("One Dream! Hi, we are TOMORROW X TOGETHER").

The TXT variety show chronicled the rookie group's journey through their first American showcase, with special behind-the-scenes glimpses into their interactions with each other. The Cat and Dog quintet went for outdoor picnics, ate a variety of food, attended a BTS concert, and had fun on the beach.

All in all, a wholesome show, ONE DREAM.TXT offers an initiation into TOMORROW X TOGETHER in the year the group achieved the Korean rookie award all-kill.

3) TALK X TODAY: where TXT holds cameras while having fun


A vlog-style show where the five members spend time with each other in interesting places, TALK X TODAY usually airs when TO DO is on hiatus. From aquariums to dog cafes, from VR cafes to seafood restaurants, TALK offers a glimpse at the members interacting with each other without any pre-decided content charted out.

The TXT variety show even has members prepare their own captions for their individual videos, giving them more control over the content they put out. It shows the five boys in their element, working on music, rushing to and fro from dance practices and studio recordings, giving deeper context to their work. The videos are available to watch on YouTube and VLive.

4) TXT & EN- PLAYGROUND: HYBE groups chilling with each other


TXT and ENHYPEN are two groups under HYBE Labels who are around the same age, and some members were even trainees together. As a result, the groups share incredible camaraderie with each other. TXT & EN- PLAYGROUND is a variety show born from this chemistry.

The fourth-generation groups played different games together in the ENHYPEN and TXT variety show, with the senior group (TXT) paving the way for the juniors to interact freely and have fun. The yut-nori game in the second episode is especially enjoyable to watch, with the two groups reacting pricelessly to each twist and turn.

First aired on JTBC 2 in Korea, the episode variety show is freely available to watch on the HYBE LABELS YouTube channel.

The Good Boy Gone Bad group has proved themselves to be entertaining and hilarious content creators. TXT variety shows are fun to watch, mainly because the members make them so. Apart from the above mentioned series, TXT was announced to participate in In the SOOP, modelled on the BTS variety show.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER has also participated in quite a few regular variety shows in South Korea for their recent comeback, all of which are worth a watch. There are also rumors of a second season of ONE DREAM.TXT during their world tour this time around.


With their recent EP minisode 2: Thursday's Child, TOMORROW X TOGETHER has shown that they are slowly veering towards different concepts that nevertheless represent the fourth generation group. The title track, in particular, reveals a dark side to the members that has made fans very excited for what is to come in the future.

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