Below Deck Adventure season 1: Where to follow cast members on Instagram

Where to follow the cast of Below Deck Adventure on Instagram
Where to follow the cast of Below Deck Adventure on Instagram (Image via Instagram/@lew_lupton)

Below Deck Adventure is ready to set sail and premiere on November 1. The latest installment of the Bravo franchise will feature a whole new cast and location. After sailing through beautiful islands perfect for relaxing and letting loose, the creators decided to mix things up a little by adding a little action to the mix. The upcoming series will showcase Fjords, Norway, at its finest as the chartered guests, along with the cast members, indulge in thrill-seeking extreme sports.

The show’s press release reads:

"Bravo takes viewers beyond the deck and off the yacht in the latest iteration of the Emmy Award-nominated franchise as passengers paraglide, explore caves and take extreme helicopter rides along the Norwegian Fjords. The series features thrill-seeking charter guests looking to push their limits for an unforgettable experience along the picturesque landscapes rich in Vikings history."

Keep up with the cast of Below Deck Adventure ahead of the show’s premiere

The trailer for the show teases major drama and interpersonal conflicts, which is never a good sign when you’re out on the water. The upcoming cast seems to have trouble getting along as Chief Stew Faye butts heads with Chef Jess, and Captain Kerry is unhappy with the bosun. To add to that, the two stews under Faye have previously worked together and do not share a good working relationship.

Some of the cast members take to social media to post about their time on Below Deck Adventure and even showcase the friends they’ve made.

Captain Kerry Titheradge @capt_kerry

The captain of Mercury has 947 followers on Instagram and often takes to the platform to post about his children and partner. He also shares posts about his travels, and his love for food is evident from his feed.

Chef Jess Condy @wanderlustchef

The Below Deck Adventure chef’s account stands at 10K followers and is likely to grow once the show airs. Jessica often takes to social media to post about her life as a chef, and her recipes. Her love for water is also showcased on her account with beautiful pictures of herself on the beach and in the water.

Bosun Lewis Lupton @lew-lupton

The bosun isn’t very active on social media and his followers stand at 395. However, his passion for yachting is evident from the 10 posts on his profile, the first one being a promo for the show.

Chief Stew Faye Clarke @faye_clarkemua

Faye’s Instagram bio describes her as a philosopher, world traveler, chef, makeup artist, and stewardess. It further states that she finds “passion in creativeness.” Her account stands at 2397 followers and her adorable dog often makes an appearance. Faye takes to social media to showcase her love for travel as well as cooking. Her food truck, based in the UK, often makes an appearance as well.

Stew Kasie Faddah @kasie.faddah

Kasie lives in the jungle when she’s not on a boat, as her bio suggests. Her social media account stands at 1180 followers, and she often posts about the friendships she’s made on Below Deck Adventure. Often making an appearance on her feed is Nathan Morely. Apart from her time on the show, she posts about yoga, nature, and travel.

Stew Oriana Schneps

The yacht broker has an audience of 16.1k on Instagram. By the looks of it, she loves beaches, food, and horses as they are often showcased on her feed. Oriana has a highlight dedicated to the Bravo show and posts about the same as well.

Deckhand Kyle Dickard @dr.dickard

Kyle has traveled to California, Florida, Mexico, and Canada as is evident from his social media highlights. His account stands at 6779 followers who often get a glimpse of yacht life through his feed.

Michael Gilman @michael_b_gilman

The merchant mariner has an audience of 693 on Instagram, which is likely to increase post the premiere of Below Deck Adventure. Michael doesn’t have a lot of posts, but his love for skiing and wine is visible on his feed.

Nathan Morley @mutumbamorley

The deckhand is often seen posting about Below Deck Adventure and features most of his co-stars on his feed. His account stands at 1312 and due to his seemingly quirky personality, it is likely to grow after the show airs. He has traveled to several places, including LA, Kentucky, and the Bahamas.

Below Deck Adventure is set to premiere on November 1, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. Episodes of the same will be available to stream the day after on Peacock.

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