Below Deck Down Under: 4 times Captain Jason Chambers sent cast members packing

Captain Jason Chambers, on a firing spree for the right reasons. (Image via Youtube/Watch What Happens Live)
Captain Jason Chambers, on a firing spree for the right reasons. (Image via Youtube/Watch What Happens Live)

Trigger Warning: The following article mentions s*xual harassment from Below Deck Down Under.

Below Deck Down Under's Captain Jason Chambers won people over with his charm and gained their respect by showcasing exceptional leadership. Throughout Below Deck's history, Captains have given the boot to nearly 20 people. Captain Jason Chambers has sent four crew members packing over the two charter seasons.

On his list are Magda Ziomek, Ryan McKeown, Luke Jones, and Laura Bileskalne. While approachable, Chambers is a hard taskmaster with a no-nonsense policy. The reasons for termination of the crew's contracts range from disobedience and poor performance to substance abuse and s*xual harassment.

Below Deck Down Under: Captain Jason's latest fires

Below Deck Down Under: Laura & Luke fired for s*xual harassment. (Images via Instagram/@lbilene and @lukebonesjones)
Below Deck Down Under: Laura & Luke fired for s*xual harassment. (Images via Instagram/@lbilene and @lukebonesjones)

Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne from Below Deck Down Under season 2 are the newest additions to the show's Hall of Fail. Luke was a Bosun, and Laura was 2nd Stew onboard the superyacht. Captain Jason decided to fire them both, following their highly inappropriate behavior.

Also previously fired for insubordination, disrespect, and unsatisfactory performances were Magda Ziomek and Ryan McKeown. Both crew members had their fates and tickets home handed to them the same morning.

In the line of fire: 4 crewmates sacked by Captain Jason Chambers

Captain Chambers believes his crew will do as instructed, but that doesn't always happen. The four members discussed below were better kept off-deck. In season 2, the Below Deck Down Under Captain captured the viewers' attention hook, line, and sinker.

1) Luke Jones

The Captain asked Luke Jones to exit the boat immediately following a s*xual assault incident with Margot Sisson. When the crew returned from a night out, Margot was in a near-unconscious state but was escorted safely to her cabin by Aesha. There was a power outage shortly after, which drunken Luke took advantage of. He sprinted into Margot's room, took off his towel, and cuddled her without consent.

Producers pulled him off, and Aesha notified the Captain immediately. He was sent to a hotel for the night and fired the next day.

"There was indecency, and you went into someone else's cabin without consent." - Captain Chambers said as he terminated Luke's contract.

2) Laura Bileskalne

Laura Bileskalne was fired shortly after Luke's departure. She really stirred things up with her inappropriate and disturbing comments to Margot, after her unfortunate encounter with Luke. She sympathetically referred to him as "poor Luke" when he was let go.

"He's a funny guy, he wouldn't have meant anything bad, he wouldn't have r**ed you or anything." - Laura said to Margot

Laura was also making Adam Kodra uncomfortable with her s*xual advances from early in the season. Despite Adam making it abundantly clear multiple times that he was uncomfortable and did not like her behavior, Laura continued her pursuit with passion.

Adam made uncomfortable by Laura's actions (Images via Instagram/@adamvk__ and @lbilene)
Adam made uncomfortable by Laura's actions (Images via Instagram/@adamvk__ and @lbilene)

She tried her tricks on Adam again in the hot tub and followed him to his room when he tried to leave. He told her to back off, but ignoring this, Laura jumped up on his bed and began moisturizing his back without his consent. Producers had to pull her away forcefully.

Aesha alerted the Captain of her actions, and he didn't waste any time terminating Laura's contract. Laura then took to social media to apologize to Adam, but stood steadfast in support of Luke.

3) Magda Ziomek

Captain Jason removed season 1 alum Magda from the show after her acts of insubordination. She was not improving her performance with every charter and instead got more distracted as time passed. Magda wasn't meeting the expected standards, and even after being switched out of laundry and put in service, nothing changed.

She reportedly spent too much time talking to her boyfriend virtually and not working. She would use the leftover time to speak about him and their issues. She used up a big chunk of the boat's internet bandwidth. Her negligence was brought to Captain Jason's attention, leading to her termination. She exited the show with no bad blood against anybody.

4) Ryan McKeown

Ryan McKeown was fired at the same time as Magda Ziomek. The Chef was disrespectful to the crew and sometimes guests, even to Captain Jason. His constant rebellion against authority and bad attitude would have been tolerable if his culinary skills matched up to the five-star standard of the superyacht. But it didn't.

All his actions contributed to a dysfunctional crew, angering the Captain further. His misdemeanor continued despite several warnings, finally making Below Deck Down Under's Captain Jason ask him to leave the boat. As he left, he flashed his rear end to the camera and walked away.

Below Deck Down Under season 2 will return with new episodes available to stream on Bravo on Monday, August 28, 2023, at 8 PM ET.

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