BTS and Samsung join hands to protect the environment 

Collaboration posters (Image via Twitter/@SamsungMobile)
Collaboration posters (Image via Twitter/@SamsungMobile)

World-famous K-pop boy group BTS collaborated with Samsung Mobile yet again to launch an exciting gadget that has impressed people around the world. Samsung roped in the boy group as their global brand ambassadors for their smartphones in 2020 and had launched the S20 plus edition.

Samsung's new aim for 2022 is sustainable development. With this in mind, the mega technological giant released a new smartphone series and other gadgets for which the multi-talented K-pop group featured.

BTS features in Samsung Galaxy's Unpacked event

Since 2021, Samsung has been increasing anticipation among netizens surrounding its new collaboration with the boy group. The electronics company was releasing teasers for its latest launch with its global ambassadors, and followers could only suspect that it would be a new BTS version of one of the Galaxy phones.

On February 9, 2022 at 10:00 AM EST, Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event which revealed all the latest gadgets and products for the year. Their global brand ambassador, BTS, was a special guest feature for the company’s eco-friendly campaign.

Not only did the K-pop group introduce a new smartphone, but they also helped deliver something crucial with a great message: a new global campaign, Galaxy for the Planet. Samsung stated:

"BTS and Samsung Galaxy share a powerful message about protecting our planet. Let’s rethink the life of a product and work together for a better future."

The multinational electronic corporation released an in-depth explanation for its sustainable innovation to save the planet and create awareness among consumer regarding the earth's depleting natural resources:

"In a move that combines sustainability and innovation, Samsung Electronics developed a new material that gives ocean-bound plastics new life as they’re incorporated into various Galaxy devices made with repurposed ocean-bound discarded fishing nets, the use of this material marks another step in our Galaxy for the Planet journey that aims to minimize our environmental footprint and help foster more sustainable lifestyles for the Galaxy community."

Emphasis was provided on incorporating repurposed ocean-bound plastics for the company's product lineup:

Now and into the future, Samsung will incorporate repurposed ocean-bound plastics throughout our entire product lineup, starting with our new Galaxy devices that will be revealed on February 9th at Unpacked. These devices will reflect our ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics and expand the use of other eco-conscious materials, such as recycled post-consumer material (PCM) and recycled paper.

The statement further leaned on the importance of repurposing elements which pollute the planet's vast waters:

"When you think of ‘ocean-bound plastic’, you likely envision a water bottle or a grocery bag drifting on the ocean surface. What may not come to mind is a more hidden threat – the 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are abandoned and discarded every year.

Further information was shared, with the company stating:

"These discarded fishing nets are disrupting the delicate balance of our environment at an alarming rate. Collecting and repurposing these nets are vital first steps in keeping our oceans clean as well as preserving the planet and our collective future."

Finally, Samsung expressed it's desire to push the boundaries of mobile technology:

"Samsung has always pushed the boundaries of mobile technology, and the company is now looking to do the same with its sustainability practices. By giving new life to discarded fishing nets that would otherwise become dangerous waste, Samsung – through its creative solution – exemplifies how we can all do more with less to conserve our planet’s resources."

The company aims at reducing its carbon footprint and will focus on various sustainable development projects and practices.

In the Galaxy of the Planet campaign video, each BTS member held placards which had messages written in bold informing viewers about the current environmental crisis. With Suga’s remix of Galaxy’s iconic Over the Horizon tune, the group delivered a legendary and eye-opening campaign.

Samsung skillfully designed the Galaxy S22 series packaging, entirely made from recycled paper. The company encourages customers to take eco-friendly steps by doing their part and recycling all used gadgets and products.

At the end of the video, the boys come together with the message “Let’s Work Together For a Better Future.” The K-pop group encourages others to join them in this revolutionary change as fans and followers know that BTS “are not seven with you."

BTS x Samsung working for a better tomorrow

On the newsroom page of its website, Samsung explained what it is doing to help save the planet. The company acknowledges that technological advancement comes with responsibility and that humans need to take care of the environment.

During the campaign shooting days, Samsung revealed photos of the delicious treats called "bungeoppang" which were sent to BTS while they were working on the project. The members had posted pictures of their snacks on their individual Instagram accounts.

BTS proves time and again how concerned they are regarding the environment. Additionally, the members work hard for various causes for the betterment and advancement of society through different campaign and also incorporate messages in their albums and lyrics.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul