Buckhead Shore premiere: Meet the cast of MTV’s new reality TV series

Buckhead Shore contestants (Image via MTV)
Buckhead Shore contestants (Image via MTV)

MTV is continuing its shore drama with all-new show Buckhead Shore, which is set to feature a bunch of young adults. JuJu Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Parker Lipman, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott and DJ Simmons will be participating in the show. Premiering on Thursday, June 23, the show promises crazy fun and intense drama to viewers.

The channel announced the show in early May of this year. It is set to make its arrival five years after Floribama Shore and 13 years after the original Jersey Shore premiered. Season 1 of Buckhead Shore will feature the young adults residing in Buckhead, Georgia, enjoying their lakeside summer vacation as friendships and romances blossom within the group.

The official synopsis of Buckhead Shore reads:

"It's time for wild fun, high drama hook-ups, and maybe even a few broken hearts."

Everything you need to know about the cast members of Buckhead Shore Season 1

1) Juju Barney

Hailing from Atlantic City, Juju Barney is also known as the 'King of Clubs'. His father Michael 'Magic' Barney is the owner of the world-famous strip club Magic City. With an easy-going personality, Juju is quite an entertainer. Moreover, the young boy is very close to his family and can immediately take control of a situation during a crisis. Barney has an affinity for basketball, and he loves playing as well as watching the game.

2) Katie Canham

Known as the older sister of Youtube sensation Emily Canham, Katie Canham is a new face on MTV's Buckhead Shore. Born in the United States, the 27-year-old was raised alongside her two sisters. Although her friends call her the 'queen bar,' Katie has also gone through some tough times, especially after losing her mother and being clueless about what she wants to do. Now, she is all set to appear on the show for a fresh start. Drama is definitely around the corner for Katie as she will share the screen with her ex-boyfriend Parker Lipman, with whom she was together for four years.

3) Savannah Gabriel

A model by profession, Savannah has appeared on the famous leisure website online TFM Girls and Model Dollz. Her sweet yet spicy personality will definitely add to the drama as she appears on the show with her current boyfriend Parker Lipman and his ex Katie Canham. The trio will surely bring the heat to Buckhead Shore. Before dating Parker, Savannah was in a long-term relationship of seven years. She became much more private about her life on social media after he broke up with her.

4) Adamo Giraldo

A singing enthusiast, he has been a part of the US Navy since 2019. However, it is not clear if he continues to sail. Moreover, the young Buckhead Shore star loves to travel and has also shared snaps of his trip to Puerto Rico this year. Giraldo is very close to his family, especially his mother. He credits her for his current success. He will be looking for a new relationship on Buckhead Shore.

5) Parker Lipman

28-year-old Parker Lipman is always the life of the party. His family owns Zaxby's chicken fast-food chain so he has had a very affluent upbringing. Moreover, he hosts a yearly summer getaway for his friends at his family's lake house in upstate Georgia. This summer, he might just find himself in trouble with his current girlfriend Savannah and ex-girlfriend Katie attending the same party.

6) Bethania Locke

Raised in a strict Ethiopian/Jamaican household, Bethania Locke graduated from Georgia State University in 2017. She a calm, comforting personality, and she often acts as a mediator. Locke is new to the TV world and has recently moved away from her family. She is currently looking to explore the world of dating and romance. From what we know, it is likely that she will meet a longtime friend and a recent hook-up on Buckhead Shore, which will definitely add quite the drama to her life.

7) Pat Muresan

24-year-old Pat Mureson is a hip-hop recording artist. He is a very dear friend of Parker Lipman's and swears to always support him in troubling times. According to his bio on the show, Pat is no less than a bodyguard to Parker. He is also enthusiastic about skateboarding, and has won many national championships across the country.

8) Chelsea Prescott

Prescott is currently working as a model in Georgia. Although she has a very bubbly personality, she knows when to hold herself back. As she becomes a part of the getaway at the lake, the Jamaican beauty is well aware of how the vacation can lead to a roller-coaster of emotions.

9) DJ Simmons

The son of Grammy-winning music producer and songwriter Daryl Simmons, DJ Simmons desires to create a career for himself in the music industry. However, he often finds himself distracted by the temptation of parties, friends, and lake life.

You can watch Buckhead Shore June 23 onwards at 9/8c on MTV.

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