Did Viral meet someone in Indian Matchmaking Season 2? All about her lengthiest criteria checklist and more

Viral Joshi made her debut on Indian Matchmaking Season 2 (Image via viraljoshi_/Instagram)
Viral Joshi made her debut on Indian Matchmaking Season 2 (Image via viraljoshi_/Instagram)

Netflix's hit series, Indian Matchmaking, released eight binge-worthy episodes of its second season on August 10, 2022 at 3 am ET. The series followed 7 cast members who set out to explore romantic relationships and find their ideal match by the end of their journey.

A few members, including Nadia, Aparna and Pradhyuman, returned to the franchise alongside newcomers Akshay, Viral, Arshneel, Shital and Vinesh.

Host Sima Taparia, also hailed as "Mumbai's Top Matchmaker," sought proposals for all the cast members and took their horoscopes to an astrologer and a face reader.

However, nothing could beat Viral Joshi's gigantic checklist at the beginning of the season. When the matchmaker met Viral, she was shocked at the number of criteria that the cast member wanted in a potential partner.

Though Viral's longchecklist sent the matchmaker reeling, she managed to find her someone who fit the criteria perfectly.

Here's everything you need to know about Viral, her checklist and the person she's dating.

More about Indian Matchmaking cast member Viral and her checklist

Netflix's description of Viral says that she is a Durham, North Carolina native who is "successful, independent and confident."

Her entry in the series begins with her talking to her friends about connecting with someone who is specific about every aspect of his life. She added that she has known married women to be "damsels in distress."


The 30-year-old works with pharmaceutical companies to get their drugs approved, makes a lot of money and no financial debt. She also revealed that she wanted to share her "cool life" with someone and didn't want to make sacrifices just because she would have "aged out."

After welcoming Sima Taparia to her house and opened up about herself, the Indian Matchmaking star had to give out her preferences on what her ideal match was. Though the matchmaker expected a checklist, nothing prepared her for Viral's long criteria checklist of what she wanted in her potential husband.

Check out the checklist below:

  1. Has to have a Gujarati background and should be fluent in the language
  2. Older than her: Between 33-37 years old
  3. Taller than 5'8
  4. Hindu
  5. Debt free
  6. Self-made man, preferably a doctor
  7. Stable and cool
  8. Can talk science-y
  9. Knows Pilates
  10. Enjoys reading
  11. Understands an only child
  12. Role model for kids
  13. Doesn't smoke, overly drink or party

Did Viral find love on Indian Matchmaking Season 2?

As she reeled from the extensive checklist, Taparia explained that the criteria cannot be a 100% fulfilled and that she could only get proposals that were a 60-70% match. However, Viral was concerned about chemistry between her and her partner if the checklist wasn't fulfilled completely.

Initially, she was given two proposals - Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta. Although she was skeptical of her partner having the same name as hers, the Indian Matchmaking star thought of giving the former a chance. The duo bonded on food, culture and many other aspects but she felt that they weren't on the same page.

Next, Viral met up with Jaymin, who she felt looked much different than his picture on the biodata. The duo spent time gokarting and bonding over culture and career aspirations, but as soon as she brought up her issue with the picture, he seemed offended. Although the two ended on a good note, she wasn't sold on either of the proposals.

She even conveyed the same to the Indian Matchmaking host, who called her superficial for having too many demands. However, Sima brought out her third proposal in a suitor called Aashay, which was the start of Viral's journey.

The duo bonded over their careers and culture. Aashay was a doctor of Optometry and was fluent in Gujarati. He also valued his family a lot, having sent him to New York to attend school at the age of 12. Aashay ultimately checked many of Viral's checklists and she decided to pursue him.

Throughout the course of the season, the couple bonded over festivals, outdoor activities, books, face-readers and psychics, among many others. It was an instant spark, which led to both finding each other attractive and comfortable at the same time.

By the end of the season, the couple decided to give their relationship a chance and make long-distance work.

The eight episodes closely follow the Indian Matchmaking cast members' dating journeys as they navigate proposals and find the one that's best suited for them. While complicated dynamics have some of them struggling to find The One for themselves, others strike the perfect chord with their partners.

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 episodes are currently available to binge on Netflix.

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