Eye tattoo to Arm clock: BTS’ Jungkook tattoo breakdown and meanings explored

BTS' Jungkook explained his tattoos in Weverse Live (Image via Twitter/@OnlyBangtanPH @BTS_twt)

BTS’ Jungkook’s surprise Weverse Live sent the fandom into a frenzy when the singer serenaded fans with different songs, played with his pet dog Bam, shared his birth chart with fans, revealed interesting anecdotes, and chatted briefly with member V to give ARMYs content to remember for a long time.

The My Time singer also gave fans a detailed explanation of his tattoo tour, explaining their meanings all the while. BTS’ youngest member has tattoos across the length of both his arms and biceps, with a special number ‘7’ tattoo behind his ear as well. Additionally, he also revealed the alterations he made with his tattoos and what prompted him to make the changes.

BTS’ Jungkook explains his old and new tattoos in detail in his latest Weverse Live

jungkook really did a tattoo tour 🫠🫠

BTS’ Jungkook revealed that the 'ARMY' tattoo on his finger knuckles, which was the first-ever inking he got, was his way of expressing gratitude to his fans. He shared that he wanted to get the word ‘ARMY’ tattooed in a place where it would be easily visible to others because he is proud of BTS' fans.

The ARMY logo and purple heart also have the same meaning behind them. While there is a crown drawing placed above the ‘A’ in ARMY, the 'J' on his ring finger is the first initial of his name. Moreover, he got his favorite emoticon, along with a purple heart and the official ARMY symbol, tattooed on his left hand.

Okaay so I was led to believe that Jungkook's tattoo ARMY are also letters of the names of the members.. but he didn't mention this on his live earlier. 😳🥺 my life has been a lie all this time? 🤦🏻‍♀️🥺😳😅 #Jungkooklive TATTOO TOUR opened my eyes. Lol

On the side of his palm, he has tattooed BTS’ debut date, i.e., 06/13 or June 13, 2013. Notably, he also ended his Weverse Live at 6.13 am on February 2, 2023, after pulling off an all-nighter.

Next, BTS’ Jungkook explained the tattoos strewn across his forearm. He revealed that he tattoed the date when he first came to Seoul to fulfill his dreams of becoming a singer. He also shared two of his favorite lines inked on his forearm - ”Rather be dead than cool” and “Make hay while the sun shines.”

jungkook's birth flower is tiger lily which means "please love me" and he also showed his tattoo of it 🥺

Additionally, he has his birth flower (the Tiger Flower) drawn on his forearm with the phrase “Please love me” accompanying it.

A little above is a large pocket clock that shows his exact time of birth, i.e., 3.23, along with a microphone tied to the chain. This indicates that he was, as Twitterati @RapperJK writes:

"born to sing"
🐰 This clock tattoo over here? It shows the time of my birth and here it connects to the mic one, like, it implies that 𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘣𝘰𝘳𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨#JUNGKOOK

Furthermore, BTS’ Jungkook showed two tattoos near his elbow. The word ‘Hwayangyeonha’ was inked in Chinese letters, which translates to HYYH or The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, one of the most defining albums in BTS’ discography.

Another is a tribute to his Korean roots with a design inspired by traditional Korean paintwork 'dancheong'.

Jungkook HYYH or "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life" tattoo on his elbow in traditional Chinese characters.

In addition, the My Time singer disclosed some cover-ups and alterations he had to make to hide his previous tattoos and make amends. He now has a cloud and lightning design inked near his elbow pit, which initially featured something else.

The original tattoo was done in the US during the shoot for the ON music video. However, the experience was botched, and the procedure caused him inflammation. Hence, he got a cloud tattoo to cover up the previous design.

one of jungkook’s new tattoos is a dark cloud that has lightning bolts coming down from it 🌩 ⚡️

He also spoke about the emotional ‘Bulletproof’ tattoo. BTS’ Jungkook originally had an eye tattoo, meant to signify that he should be watchful of his actions as people are always watching him. However, it looked like the Illuminati symbol to a lot of people, which is why he decided to change it.

Finally, BTS’ Jungkook used to have three bold lines running parallel near his wrist area. It was said to be the symbol 'Geon,' which represents heaven in Korean. However, he changed it to a snake design as that denotes growth because the reptile sheds skin.


BTS fans trend “Thank you Jungkook” for hosting a long Weverse Live

ARMYs took to social media to trend “Thank you Jungkook” for hosting a long Weverse Live, which is against the company's rules. Fans were overjoyed to witness BTS’ Jungkook, who usually remains elusive on social media.

The singer trended at number 1 on Worldwide trends and Taekook (Jungkook and Taehyung) at number 2. Moreover, their Instagram Live became the third 'Most viewed Instagram Live in History' with 922K plus views and the 'Most Viewed Instagram Live by a K-pop act reaching the highest Individual Live Real Time Views on Weverse.

He broke the rules for us ❤️❤️❤️THANK YOU JUNGKOOKWE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK
BAM kissing JUNGKOOK 😭♥️WE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOKTHANK YOU JUNGKOOKI’m voting for #LeftandRight as the #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards!
It's been a long day even I got exhausted from watching 😅 thank you Jungkook! Love you 💜💜💜Good night 😴
I love him so much…Thank you Jungkook 🖤
Thank you for coming, Jungkook💜I love how unpredictable you are. Thank you for loving ARMY! It might look like just another live, but you made us all happy! I hope you’re happy too & be sure to have yourself checked up (your appendix bub🥹). Love you, JK!
Thank you jungkook thx for everything I love you so much ❤️❤️ bye love i will never forget this day in my whole life thx for brightening this year💜💜
jungkook I don't have enough words to say other than I love you so much. Thank you for the colouring my life. #ThankYouJungkook 💜🐰WE LOVE YOU JUNGKOOK .

This is BTS’ Jungkook’s first live broadcast of this year.

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