How many kids does Nicole Kidman have? All about her family as actress shares children's reaction to her 'Being the Ricardos' Oscar nomination

Nicole Kidman said her daughters were not very enthusiastic about the news of her Oscar nomination (Image via Lev RadinGetty Images)
Nicole Kidman said her daughters were not very enthusiastic about the news of her Oscar nomination (Image via Lev RadinGetty Images)
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American-Australian actress Nicole Kidman said she was in tears when she came to know about her role in Being the Ricardos being nominated for an Oscar.

During an interview on talk show The View on February 11, the Nine Perfect Strangers actress recalled the moment she began crying after getting a call about her award nomination in front of her daughters and how they gave a less-than-enthusiastic response to the news.

"I'm like, whaaaat? I mean it's like there was so much emotion attached to it that I didn't realize I was carrying, and I just looked around, tears are coming down. And my kids looked at me like, 'Wow, congrats mum, anyway we're going to be late, we gotta get going'."
Congratulations to Nicole Kidman on her Academy Award nomination for Actress in a Leading Role for #BeingTheRicardos

Nicole received her fifth Oscar nomination overall for her role as Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos - and her first since 2016, when she was nominated for best supporting actress for Lion.

While speaking to outlet The Daily Telegraph on February 9, she revealed that this role was the "hardest thing" she ever had to perform.

"The older you get, the sweeter and the more intense it is… I don't know about getting more mellow because that is so not the case. I am elated."

Nicole Kidman is a mother to four children

Nicole Kidman has four biological and nonbiological children from her two marriages over the years. The 54-year-old was previously married to actor Tom Cruise before ultimately tying the knot with musician Keith Urban.

When Nicole Kidman was married to Cruise from 1990 to 2001, the duo adopted two kids - Isabella and Connor. With Urban, she shares two daughters - Sunday and Faith.

Isabella Jane Cruise

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's eldest daughter, Isabella "Bella" Cruise, was born in 1992. She was adopted soon after she was born and raised by both parents until 2001, when her parents separated. After her parents separated, Bella grew up in the Church of Scientology with her father. Bella now lives and works in London as an artist and business owner.

Bella is also married. In 2015, the artist married IT consultant Max Parker, however, neither of her parents attended the ceremony. After Bella's parents' absence became public, many people started to speculate that she was estranged from her parents.

While speaking to the Daily Mail in 2016, Bella shut down the rumors surrounding her relationship with Kidman and Cruise, and stated that they were all in contact with one another, contrary to the rumors.

Connor Cruise

Connor Cruise, Kidman's second child, was born in January 1995. Connor, like his older sister, was adopted by the Mission Impossible and Big Little Lies actor shortly after his birth. After his parents divorced, Connor was brought up by the Church of Scientology along with his adopted sister.

Earlier in his career, the Florida DJ briefly pursued an acting career like his father, appearing in films such as 2008's Seven Pounds and 2012's remake of Red Dawn.

Though Connor hasn't been spotted with Kidman in years, the actor and musician deny they are estranged. In a 2016 interview with the outlet Woman's Day, Connor said that he and his mother were "solid" and that he loved her a lot.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Sunday Rose is Nicole Kidman's first biological child with Keith Urban. After meeting the musician in 2005, the actress was told she would not be able to conceive naturally. But at 40, Kidman found out she was pregnant with her daughter, Sunday.

In 2008, the Eyes Wide Shut star gave birth to a "miracle" baby. Over the last few years, Sunday has even appeared alongside her mother as an extra in Big Little Lies and has provided her voice for the animated film Angry Birds 2.

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed their second child, a daughter named Faith Margaret, in 2010. The couple decided to use a surrogate to give birth to their kid. Speaking to CNN in 2016, Kidman said she had experienced different ways of motherhood over the years - adoption, birth, and surrogacy - just because she wanted to be a mother.

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