“I get pedicures but my feet still dry”: Wiz Khalifa feet joke explained as rapper responds to trolls

Wiz Khalifa responds to his feet trolls with a hilarious poem (Image via Getty Images, wizkhalifa.com)
Wiz Khalifa responds to his feet trolls with a hilarious poem (Image via Getty Images, wizkhalifa.com)

Wiz Khalifa has recently gone viral for his feet. However, he has come up with an equally hilarious response to his online trolls. Wiz shared a few behind-the-scenes stills of himself in the studio, and in two of the pictures, his bare feet were visible. Eagle-eyed fans could not help but notice the poorly maintained state of his feet, with many suggesting how the 35-year-old rapper needs some routine foot care.

Netizens quickly began a memefest about Wiz’s feet, prompting the rapper to come up with a humorous poem in response to everyone who made fun of his feet.

Wiz said in the clip that he does not usually address things, but, he figured he would address the issue since he prefers to express himself. He announced that he had written a poem called Stop Making Jokes About My Feet.

In a rather funny attempt to throw a retort at his trolls, Wiz Khalifa wrote in the poem that their feet probably also look like that, but they cover it up with nail polish. He then said:

“When I seen all those tweets, you can’t imagine how I felt. I get pedicures but my feet still dry. So don’t laugh, send help."

Wiz Khalifa's poetically responds to his fans who trolled his feet online

Wiz Khalifa's feet went viral in his March 16 tweet, where he wore shorts in his home studio barefoot. The rapper appeared relaxed and somewhat lost in his own world as he sat on a chair with a game controller, holding marijuana in hand and blowing smoke around. He captioned the tweet:

"Sessions at my house are super fun."

While the photos looked innocent and harmless, fans zoomed in on his “crusty” feet and shifted their entire focus to making feet jokes. However, Wiz took the slander in stride as he recorded himself citing a hilarious poem to his trolls.

He asked people to stop making jokes about his feet because it is not funny. So to rhyme with the first line, he added:

“Y’all keep making jokes about my feet, but b*tch I got money.”

Wiz continued that people were not going to diss his feet on his face, but they will talk about him when he is gone. He then asked for help, saying his feet becomes dry even after getting a pedicure.

The Can’t Stay Sober rapper added a second stanza to his poem, demonstrating how he came across all sorts of disrespect when he logged online. He threw a lighthearted jab at all those people who lectured him on doing something about his poor-looking feet and said that none of them were nail tech. He went on dissing them and said that these people were saying crazy things about Wiz Khalifa as if their toes and feet were so neat.

Wiz concluded his poem by asking his trolls to take a picture of their own feet and said:

“Look down past your phone and take a picture of your own d*mn feet. Stop making jokes about my feet, because that sh*t ain’t funny. Y’all keep making jokes about my feet, but b**ch I got money.”

The internet reacts to Wiz Khalifa's "crusty" feet and his poem

Netizens went crazy with their newfound obsession with clowning Wiz's feet, and some even started sharing two-lined rhymes after the rapper shared his poetic retort to his trolls.

One user mentioned that it was National Poetry Month and Wiz just responded to his trolls with poetry.

However, many also said that Wiz was cool for coming up with such a witty response, as they also mentioned that the rapper looked good and healthy in the video.

Wiz recently made his acting debut in the musical Spinning Gold, which is directed by Timothy Scott Bogart. The film follows Neil Bogart, the founder of Casablanca Records, and features Wiz Khalifa as George Clinton.

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