What is the Split Week twist on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8? Fans believe its similar to Casa Amor on Love Island

Bachelor in Paradise introduces new twist this week
Bachelor in Paradise introduces new twist this week (Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC)

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 aired a dramatic episode on Monday, October 17, 2022, at 8 pm ET on ABC.The two-hour episode saw the cast members navigate personal relationships and strengthen their existing connections. However, all of that came to a standstill after a twist was introduced for the week, which brought 10 popular Bachelor Nation franchise stars to the beach, creating chaos.

On this week's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, host Jesse Palmer introduced a massive twist that changed the course of the contestants' relationships on the beach. Five new women were introduced as part of the Split Week twist and the existing women were sent packing to a new location, leaving their chosen partners to explore connections with the new cast.

Fans, however, felt that the format was similar to the Casa Amor segment on Love Island. One tweeted:

Those bachelor views must be struggling, ABC decided to steal love island’s whole plot #BachelorInParadise

Jesse Palmer introduces Split Week on Bachelor in Paradise

On tonight's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, everything seemed to be going well, and fresh couples had formed after the rose ceremony. However, host Jesse Palmer put the existing relationships to the ultimate test when he introduced the Split Week twist on the reality dating series.

As part of the twist, five women from popular Bachelor Nation franchises were introduced to the beach. The existing ladies were told to pack their bags and reach a new location as the men explored fresh connections with the newbies. Things didn't end well as most women were emotional over having to leave their connections, only to potentially see their partners forming new relationships.


Check out which ladies made their way to the beach.

  1. Kate Gallivan (The Bachelor season 26)
  2. Eliza Isichei (The Bachelor season 26)
  3. Jessenia Cruz (The Bachelor season 25, Bachelor in Paradise season 7)
  4. Sarah Hamrick (The Bachelor season 26)
  5. Florence Alexandra (The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise Australia)

With the arrival of these ladies, some men have already set their eyes on forming a potential connection. The women will be staying on the show for a week to try to find love and test already existing relationships.

The episode already teased Rodney for showing interest in Eliza and other men, including Logan, Jacob, Andrew, and Johnny, ready to see what's in store for them even as some struggled with the thought of leaving their connections.

The crazy is just getting started… Thanks for watching #BachelorInParadise and we’ll see you tomorrow for another all-new episode!

Meanwhile, the existing women on Bachelor in Paradise were seen having a meltdown at the potential connections being formed on the beach. Jill broke down and wanted to go home, an emotion that resonated with the rest of the ladies. However, not everything is terrible for them as tomorrow night's episode will feature these women being introduced to five new men at their hotel.

The five men are popular contestants who have previously appeared in the franchise. Check them out below.

  1. Adam Todd (The Bachelorette Australia season 6)
  2. Alex Bordyukov (The Bachelorette season 13)
  3. Olu Onajide (The Bachelorette season 18)
  4. Rick Leach (The Bachelorette season 18)
  5. Tyler Norris (The Bachelorette season 19)

Viewers will have to tune in to find out which relationships stand the test of time and which cast members find love amongst the newbies.

Fans react to the new twist on Bachelor in Paradise

Fans felt that the twist was similar to the concept of Casa Amor on Love Island and the format of Temptation Island. They took to social media to express their opinions.

So this is basically a bootleg version of love island’s casa amor. The producers could’ve tried to be a bit more original 😭😭#BachelorInParadise
These guys … are in BIG trouble!!!#bachelorinparadise
they said let’s pull a love island real quick #BachelorInParadise
every bachelor fan who also watches love island rn#bachelorinparadise #bip
They’re pulling a casa amor!? Here’s the problem with this. These ppl have literally only been dating a week. Whereas casa amor happens at least a month into those relationships😭😭 #BachelorInParadise
YAY EVERYONE IS COUPLED UP AND FEELING GREAT!!! Producers: "Lets spilt them all up and send new girls in to test there trust process" #BachelorinParadise
Sooooo they making it like Temptation Island 😆🙄 🤦🏽‍♀️ #BachelorInParadise
The bachelor producers presenting casa amor in a paradise planning meeting: #BachelorInParadise #BIP

Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise is getting more dramatic with each passing episode. With the house being split into two, it is only a matter of time before new relationships blossom, putting the existing connections in jeopardy. Who will last the twist and return to their original connection? Only time will tell.

Tune in to a brand new episode on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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