BTS ARMY expresses outrage over a French fan’s unruly behavior with Bangtan member V

BTS' V poses for the media as he headed to Paris for the CELINE show (Image via Twitter/@@BIGHIT_INFO)
BTS' V poses for the media as he headed to Paris for the CELINE show (Image via Twitter/@@BIGHIT_INFO)

V has embarked on his first solo activity ever since the Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, announced their plans to go on a temporary break.

The Bangtan singer is currently in Paris along with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Park Bo-gum to attend CELINE’s Men's Paris Fashion Week. While Lisa is the official global brand ambassador for CELINE, the talented BTS member was personally invited by the creative director of CELINE, Hedi Slimane.

While ARMYs were thrilled to see the BTS star enjoying himself thoroughly, there was one instance that did leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouth.

"V reportedly received a personal invitation to the Celine show from fashion designer Hedi Slimane, the creative director of the luxury brand. He previously designed for luxury fashion houses such as Dior Homme and Saint Laurent."@BTS_twt

What happened to BTS' V in Paris?

On the night of the main event, the Bangtan singer was seen exiting the venue in his car after the main show was over. ARMYs were obviously excited to see their favorite K-pop idol in person and gathered to cheer for him and click pictures.

However, a few fans didn’t adhere to their limits.

When the Bangtan singer got into the car, he unsurprisingly opened the windows to wave at fans. Yet, those closest to the vehicle seemed to take this as a chance to get close to the idol as they started reaching through the window.

A French ARMY reached out to the Singularity singer while he was getting into the car and tried to grab his hand. The Bangtan star was taken aback slightly, but he maintained his composure and eventually drove off.

The video has gone viral on social media and hasn’t gotten well with ARMYs across the world.

ARMYs have always attested to the fact that fans must respect the boys’ space and privacy at all times. Hence, fans are outraged at the French ARMY’s unruly behavior towards the Bangtan member, violating his personal space.

Luckily, the Winter Bear singer was safe and did not get hurt, but fans have demanded better security for the Bangtan star.

Check out the fan reactions below:

ARMYs on Twitter express their anger as a French ARMY reaches into BTS’s V’s car.
@globalmyeon That’s so upsetting
ARMYs react to the violation of BTS V's privacy at the CELINE show in Paris (Image via Instagram/@globalmyeon)
ARMYs react to the violation of BTS V's privacy at the CELINE show in Paris (Image via Instagram/@globalmyeon)

BTS’ V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo-gum look picture perfect at CELINE’s fashion show

#LISA with BTS V and Park Bogum at CELINE's (@celineofficial) “S/S 2023 Menswear Collection” show at Men's Paris Fashion Week!LALISA HUMAN CELINE#LISAatCelinePFW22#LISAXCELINE @BLACKPINK

If picture-perfect had a definition, it would be the talented Bangtan member, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo-gum posing together at CELINE’s fashion show.

On June 26, Bangtan's talented singer, BLACKPINK's Lisa, and Park Bo Gum attended the Men’s Paris Fashion Week as representatives of South Korea.

The three superstars continued to make headlines as they were captured by various fashion magazines throughout the event, posing for the photo wall, greeting other stars and fashion figures, and watching the runway show from the front row.

The Christmas Tree singer looked stunning in a shiny red jacket with a blingy black top, while Lisa looked gorgeous in an all-black ensemble twinning with actor Park Bo-gum who looked handsome in an all-black outfit.

Fans were dazzled by the pictures, as they looked every inch the superstars they are known to be

Check out the fan reactions to their pictures below:

LISA, BTS V, Actor Park Bogum in one frame for Celine's PFW
BTS member V, actor Park Bogum, and Lisa leaving Celine's dinner.It is rumored that the trio went to the after party together.#TAEHYUNG #BOGUM #LISA
Lisa went to the Celine's after party with Actor Eddie Redmayne, BTS V,Park Bogum and Diana Silvers#LISAatCelinePFW22 #LISAXCELINE
BLACKPINK Lisa, BTS V, and Park Bogum at Celine's Men Paris Fashion Week 2022

American composer Frank Wildhorn wants to cast BTS member V in his famous musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde

[K-media] @BTS_twt's V is leaving through Seoul Gimpo Airport to attend a fashion show in Paris, France#HaveASafeFlightV

In an interview with the Korean press Xportsnews, American composer Frank Wildhorn, the genius behind some of Korea’s most beloved musicals like Jekyll & Hyde and Death Note: The Musical, wants to cast the Bangtan member for his mega-hit musical, Jekyll and Hyde.

“Korean content is doing well in New York and across the United States. And I would like to propose something. BTS is loved in America and all over the world. And I hear the members are taking an off-season and, from what I know, they are taking time to pursue solo activities.”

Frank Wildhorn commented that he had seen the Sweet Night singer singing the dramatic “This Is The Moment” from the said musical in a behind-the-scenes video of their cinematic track Black Swan’s music video shoot at the Los Angeles Theater.

Frank Wildhorn was impressed with his singing and made up his mind to cast him in the role. He also requested ARMYs to convey this message to the BTS member. We hope the Singularity singer makes his musical debut soon.

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