BTS ARMY furious with Busan government over lousy planning for upcoming global concert 

BTS at 2022 Grammy Awards (Image via Twitter/@tanniekosmossss)
BTS at 2022 Grammy Awards (Image via Twitter/@tanniekosmossss)

BTS’ highly-anticipated Busan concert is round the corner, yet the issues are mounting daily. Not only are Bangtan helping the Korean government win the bid for the “2030 World Expo”, but it is also their first concert since they announced their break from group activities in June this year.

Besides the infrastructural and transportation problems, BTS ARMY is outraged with the Busan government over the lousy planning of the septet’s concert.

The Busan government had decided to use the parking lot of a port facility in Ilgwang, Busan, to hold the BTS concert. However, since the area is underdeveloped with little to no restaurant/food joint options, ARMYs decided to bring their own meals for the long day.

But on August 31, 2022, the Busan government released new rules for the BTS concert, one of which states that fans are not allowed to bring food into the venue.

“Single-use lunchboxes, fast foods, delivery, and other outside food are prohibited.”

Naturally, BTS fans are outraged with the insensitive treatment meted out to them and have termed these new rules by the Busan government as “torture.”

BTS fans versus Busan government: Fans demand HYBE to resolve the matter

At this point, BTS’ Busan concert is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Instead of celebrating Bangtan’s homecoming and the fact that members Jimin and Jung Kook will perform in their hometown, it has become a media circus, unfortunately.

Busan government issued new concert rules for ARMYs, one of which was not to bring any food from the outside. While fans can bring in water and other beverages, all sorts of food and lunch boxes have been banned.

Although it is common for concerts not to allow food and beverage items on-site, it has posed a challenge for fans who practically have to starve themselves at the concert. Even if the organizers set up food trucks around the arena, a 9-hour wait with limited and expensive food and long queues will be hard for fans.

ARMYs have now requested HYBE to intervene and sort out the issue.

To put up an amazing concert for Bangtan, fans are requesting the Busan Government and HYBE to work in tandem, saying, “Blame game won’t work.”

Fans have requested that they take inspiration from the group’s international concerts and how well they have done there.

Fans also reminded the Busan government that Bangtan members are Korea’s pride and deserve to be treated better than this.

The woes surrounding the Busan concert are never-ending at this point. The global concert will be held at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot at the far end of Busan. Only three bridges are available between the area and the nearest subway station.

Bangtan fans will be required to use a public bus from the station to get there, and since 100,000 fans are expected to turn up for the concert, it can become extremely chaotic.

The area surrounding the concert is underdeveloped, with very few restaurants and recreation options. Since people are expected to mark their attendance at 9 am for a 6 pm concert, fans find these rules too harsh.

The government also announced that they would install ten portable restrooms at the venue, which will not be sufficient for 100,000 fans. Not to forget, the exorbitant hotel prices in Busan ($6600 for two nights) have added to fans’ nightmare.

BTS to hold '2022 BTS EXHIBITION: Proof' which outlines their glorious nine years in showbiz


Meanwhile, Bangtan will release a special exhibition to showcase their nine magnanimous years in the industry.

On August 31 KST, HYBE Labels stated:

"We will be opening the '2022 BTS EXHIBITION: Proof', which will showcase BTS's 9-year-long history following their debut."

The exhibition will be held in Seoul from September 28 till November 22 at the HYBE Insight and in Busan from October 5 through November 8 on the first floor of Haeundae-gu LCT.

The exhibition will outline their glorious nine years in showbiz through videos, photos, and numerous records they have achieved over the years. Additionally, images of ARMYs who have walked that journey with Bangtan members will also be included in the exhibition.

The free global concert in Busan will be held on October 15 at 6 pm KST at the Busan Ilkwang Special Stage. It will be jointly supported by the Busan Metropolitan City and the “2030 Busan World Expo” Bid Committee.

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Edited by Shreya Das