BTS’ fans upset with the Busan government for ill management of their upcoming global concert

BTS pose for the concept photo of 7 Fates: Chakho (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
BTS pose for the concept photo of 7 Fates: Chakho (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

The woes surrounding BTS’ upcoming global concert in Busan seem to be never-ending. Earlier this week, exorbitant hotel prices in Busan were revealed. Hotels in Busan now cost $3,730 (₩5.00 million) per night. Now it seems a whole new Pandora’s box has been opened.

ARMYs have taken to Twitter to criticize the Busan government's lack of farsight. From the location of the concert to the washroom facilities to the road that leads to the concert location, BTS fans have taken over Twitter.

BTS fans are worried that the authorities don’t have the basic blueprint in place for a concert of this global scale, and the concert is a month and a half away.

BTS has been roped in by the Korean government as honorary ambassadors to help South Korea win the bid for “2030 World Expo in Busan.” Bangtan members will be hosting a free global concert in Busan on October 15 at 6 pm KST at the Busan Ilkwang Special Stage and will be jointly supported by the Busan Metropolitan City as well as the “2030 Busan World Expo” Bid Committee.

BTS’ Busan concert: Crowd mismanagement, lack of facilities and more continue to be a major threat to their upcoming concert

When news of Bangtan's free concert was announced, ARMYs were overjoyed to hear that the group will be performing for the first time since they announced their break to focus on solo projects.

However, an eagle-eyed fan noticed that the concert would be held at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal Outdoor Parking Lot.

Fans are upset that the Busan government chose the aforementioned location for Bangtan's upcoming global concert considering that 100,000 concert-goers are expected to attend and it is going to be a big event which will attract worldwide media attention.

ARMYs are also wondering why the Asiad stadium was not considered for the concert as it was built especially for the 2002 Asian Games and would have been the perfect venue for Bangtan's Busan concert.

However, the current venue poses a lot of problems. For starters, there are major infrastructural and transportation problems. ARMYs pointed out that the concert only has two exits marked by the dots.

Fans will be required to cross the river to get to the nearest train station. The government of Busan has also promised to mobilize public transport and shorten waiting periods between each train. Despite that, it is difficult for 100,000 fans to vacate the location quickly and if not handled properly, it might lead to a stampede-like situation.

The area surrounding the concert does not have enough restaurants or recreational facilities which will pose a problem for ARMYs who are from far off places.

Furthermore, ARMYs criticized the Busan government for poor crowd management. The government announced that they planned to begin entry to the venue from 9 am. With the concert starting at 6 pm in the evening and no recreational facilities, fans are wondering how they will kill nine hours.

Also, with the venue having only two exit spots, vacating the venue will be a mammoth task.

The government also announced that they will be installing ten portable restrooms at the venue. Bangtan's Wembley concert had 2,700 washrooms for 90,000 ARMYs and yet there were long queues outside the bathrooms.

ARMYs are wondering how the Busan government will manage 100,000 fans and their washroom needs.

Finally, ARMYs smell foul play with the venue chosen for the global concert. ARMYs believe the mayor of Busan, Park Hyung-jun, who owns land in the area is doing this for his personal benefit and ARMYs are upset that Bangtan is being used as bait for the same.

BTS ARMYs are upset with the concert arrangement; Check out the reactions below

ARMYs are criticizing the Busan government for their lack of planning and research considering the concert is in 45 odd days and a lot needs to be taken care of. Fans are citing BTS' iconic Wembley concert in London as a benchmark.

The Wembley concert was attended by 90,000 fans and received praised for being well-managed and efficient. It remains one of the most loved BTS concerts of all time. ARMYs believe BTS' upcoming Busan concert has the potential to be an all-time great as well, if only planned and managed well.

ARMYs want political leaders and influential figures to stop using BTS for their personal gains.

“Venue is incapable to hold BTS” is what fans have to say.

Fans are hoping that the Busan government fixes the issue soon.

Fans believe the concert venue has to be befitting of their king-like status and Bangtan and their ARMYs deserve a world-class concert and facility.

It remains to be seen if the Busan government will pay attention to the issues brought up by ARMYs, and take steps to address the issues before the concert. The “WORLD EXPO 2030 BUSAN KOREA CONCERT BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN – LIVE PLAY” will be held on October 15 at Busan Ilkwang Special Stage and will also be streamed live online for fans all over the world.

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