“BTS’ V is the owner of a perfect E-line”: says a renowned Japanese plastic surgeon Dr. Motokuni Kida

Featuring BTS
Featuring BTS' Kim Tae-hyung (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS’ V aka Kim Tae-hyung is popularly known as the K-pop’s visual representative in many instances and he recently proved that once again.

On January 3, 2023, Japanese publication Shueisha revealed in a recent article that BTS’s V is one of the most handsome faces with a perfect E-line and facial symmetry. The article titled (translated) “The Top 5 Faces You Want to be in 2022” shared the opinions and information provided by a renowned Japanese plastic surgeon, Dr. Motokuni Kida.

Dr. Motokuni Kida is one of the most trusted and reputed plastic surgeons in Japan and the director of BIANCA CLINIC. The plastic surgeon reports that V has the perfect E-line face and adds:

“V is the owner of a perfect E-line. He has a clear faceline and a strong chin. He has an attractive face that is both soft and masculine.”

Even in the past, BTS’ V was reported to be admired by a plastic surgeon based in Brazil.

Dr.Motokuni Kida says BTS’ V’s face costs more than 40 million won (KRW)

While describing the characteristics of the BTS’ V's face, the plastic surgeon Dr. Motokuni Kida says it will cost more than 40 million won to get a face like Kim Tae-hyung. The idol’s perfect face has side angles that would require a lot of surgery. Only after a lot of surgeries can the men have similar contours to him.

To understand why E-line is one of the best features of BTS’ V, it is necessary to understand what E-line is in broader terms and what kind of E-line V possesses.

In broader terms, the E-line is used to measure a person’s side profile and how it connects to other parts of the face. It is an imaginary line connecting the nose, lips, and chin. The perfect ideal angle is between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, and it should be 90 to 105 degrees.

Kim Tae-hyung's perfect side profile (Image via Starnews Korea)
Kim Tae-hyung's perfect side profile (Image via Starnews Korea)

The plastic surgeon describes that BTS’ V has the perfect nasolabial angle that matches the ideal angle of 90 to 150 degress and other angles also. He has also stated that the length of his face satisfies the standard golden ratio.

Kim Tae-hyung has also topped several lists of the World’s Most Handsome Face from the last five years. The results were decided from the critic’s evaluations and public polls and votes.

Previously, Kim Tae-hyung has been named as a scientifically handsome man by many renowned plastic surgeons both in South Korea and abroad.

Even in South Korea, many men want to have a face like him and BTS’ V has been named as the top desired Korean celebrity that Korean men wish to have a face like. He has also been praised and complimented by plastic surgeons for his natural features.

South Korean plastic surgeons have evaluated his face and found that it has the perfect ratio and proportions from every side, be it front or side. They also stated that it is hard to find the idol's E-line among the Asians.

Apart from South Korea, BTS’ V and his beauty has extended to foreign lands too. As mentioned earlier, a Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Rafael Frota, admired and praised BTS’ V’s perfect symmetry and golden ratio on the Brazillian TV Channel Record.

Dr. Rafael Frota elaborated that the idol’s facial features are very different from Korean standards. He further stated that his face is very pleasing to the eye.

Recent updates about Kim Tae-hyung


Kim Tae-hyung’s recently released his photo folio concept film on December 7, 2022 titled Me Myself and V, Veautiful Days where he reminisced about the nostalgic memories of the past. The vintage-style video was pleasing to the eyes.

Fans were elated and impressed with the vintage beauty of the concept film and have been eagerly waiting for a date for the photobook. Fans are also eagerly awaiting BTS' V's solo album as they stream other content that Big Hit entertainment is releasing about the idol.

BTS’ V is also gearing up to enlist in the military in June 2024 and that has saddened his fans immensely. It has been reported that the idol will return by December 2025 if he enlists on the said date.

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