BTS V shines in the posters of Samsung's new 'Bora Purple' edition of smartphones

BTS V shines in the posters for the 'Bora Purple' smartphone campaign (Image via Twitter/@SamsungMobile)
BTS V shines in the posters for the 'Bora Purple' smartphone campaign (Image via Twitter/@SamsungMobile)

BTS V looks dapper in the new posters for Samsung’s ‘Bora Purple’ edition of smartphones, and we are absolutely loving this.

On August 10, Samsung Electronics held the Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2022 event and introduced the next-generation foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip4. Dressed in a pink and purple jacket with neatly done hair, BTS V can be seen holding the new version of the phone.

In another released poster, BTS V shows off his handsome side profile in a candy-floss pink colored jacket and gold rings, proving yet again why he is considered one of the best-looking K-pop idols in the business.

Samsung revealed their upcoming product releases earlier today. With it, they also unveiled their new Galaxy Z Flip4 along with brand new high-definition photos of BTS, the company's brand ambassadors.

BTS V: ARMY cannot get over Bangtan member's stunning visuals

It has been nine years since BTS' debut, yet ARMYs cannot get enough of V’s stunning visuals. With Samsung unveiling individual and group posters for BTS’ latest campaign with the brand, V’s solo pictures are gaining momentum on social media.

In their excitement, fans have taken over social media platforms to express their love and appreciation for V. As such, we have listed some of the fan reactions in this article. Let's take a look at them.

Undoubtedly, BTS V’s pretty visuals are a key statement for all the ARMYs around the world who cannot get enough of the artist's aesthetics.

Fans agree that BTS V looks immaculate and gorgeous in all his avatars. They even believe that with his incredible visuals, he can probably give established models a run for their money.

ARMYs are also of the opinion that BTS V’s visuals are a “work of art” and there is no denying there.

For those wondering, “Borahae” means “I Purple You,” and this is the official motto of BTS. The word “Bora” is the Korean word for "Purple," which is a symbolic color to the group.

The term was coined by BTS V at the group’s fifth muster celebration back in 2016 and what was created on a whim has now become an integral part of Bangtan’s brand and image. Since purple is the last color of the rainbow, the term conveys the long-lasting love shared between BTS and their fanbase, ARMY. The massive impact of "Borahae" continues to this day and is demonstrated in the band's latest product collaboration.

Samsung has announced that they will be releasing their new 'Bora Purple' edition of the Galaxy Z Flip4 as well as the Galaxy S22 smartphones. This is the company's honorary tribute to their brand ambassadors and the immense cultural impact that they continue to have across the world.

As of today, “Borahae” has expanded beyond just a symbolic phrase and is now used in Bangtan’s official marketing and promotional activities. Many Korean and international brands have incorporated “Bora Purple” into their collaborative projects with BTS. Moreover, several landmarks have lit up in shades of purple in honor of the group.

In April 2022, the city of Las Vegas turned into 'Borahaegas' to honor BTS who were in the city to attend the 2022 Grammy Awards and 'Permission to Dance on Stage' concerts.

In addition to the new group and individual photos of the members, Samsung also announced a surprise pop-up event in New York and London. The company has asked ARMYs to stop by New York’s iconic Times Square and London’s landmark Piccadilly Circus for a Samsung Unpacked Experience. The Korean electronic brand hinted that attendees might even leave with a special surprise. The special surprise in question was a limited edition poster of BTS

BTS V’s OSTs rank in the list of "Top 10 Most Streamed OSTs by a Korean Act" on Spotify

V shows off his immense star power yet again as the unofficial Global OST King, who has added another record to his ever-growing set of personal achievements.

All the three OSTs sung by BTS V - It’s Definitely You for his debut K-drama, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth alongside bandmate Jin, Sweet Night for Hwarang co-star and friend Park Seo-joon’s drama, Itaewon Class, and finally, Christmas Tree for Choi Woo-sik’s drama, Our Beloved Summer, has been ranked in the “Top 10 most streamed OSTs by a Korean Act” on Spotify list.

V’s Sweet Night is leading the list with 243.8 million streams on Spotify, followed by Christmas Tree at number three with 148.3 million streams on Spotify. Finally, his debut OST It’s Definitely You ranks at number 10 with 106 million streams on Spotify. As of August 6, V has accumulated 9 million followers on Spotify and is the fourth most followed Korean artist on the platform.

V is currently on a healing summer break In The SOOP: Friendcation with Wooga Squad members - Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, Choi Woo-sik, and Peakboy. The series will be broadcast on Disney+ and Weverse as the fourth episode is due on August 12, Friday.

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