“Get well soon Sanha”: Fans wish for idol’s speedy recovery as he tested positive for COVID-19

Featuring Yoon Sanha (Image via ddona_yona Instagram)
Featuring Yoon Sanha (Image via ddona_yona Instagram)

On the night of January 8, 2023, ASTRO Sanha’s agency Fantagio officially announced that the idol tested positive for COVID-19 after undergoing a rapid antigen test. The agency also confirmed that Sanha will not participate in the promotional activities for the release of Moonbin & Sanha’s mini album INCENSE.

Fantagio had already announced on the same day that the idol's health was deteriorating, and he would not be able to participate in the scheduled activities for his unit comeback with Moonbin. The idol didn’t attend the comeback interview during SBS’s Inkigayo, and the unit’s fan signing event has also been postponed.

Fans have been saddened by Sanha's alarming health conditions and have expressed their concerns on social media. One fan tweeted:

"Get well soon Sanha. Please take all the rest you need."

Fans pray for ASTRO Sanha's speedy recovery

News of the idol's health conditions has gripped fans with concern and worry, and they want to see him recover and get back to feeling normal again. Many fans have been expressing their concerns on Twitter and praying for his speedy recovery, and hoping for him to rest as much as he wants.

Check out the heartwarming messages that fans have posted on Twitter to wish the idol a speedy recovery:

One fan tweeted:

“My baby Yoon Sanha, please get enough rest and eat well, Don’t worry about ComeBack, we will do our best for that. Get well soon and don’t get sick again.”

Others simply hoped that the idol would bounce back to his usual self quickly:

ASTRO agency Fantagio’s full statement about the idol's current health condition

When the idol was diagnosed with COVID-19 for the third time, Fantagio released an official statement including details about his condition and how he planned to recover. The agency has promised fans that they will do everything in their care for the speedy recovery of the idol.

Fantagio stated that the idol is experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms including headache and a mild cold, among others:

“Today, our artist ASTRO’s Yoon Sanha underwent a rapid antigen test due to worsening of his health, including a headache and other symptoms, and his test results came back positively today (January 8). “

They further added that the idol is going to take a break and fully focus on his treatment by adhering to COVID-19 rules and regulations. Moreover, they also notified fans of the health conditions of ASTRO member Moonbin.

“At present, Yoon Sanha does not have any other symptoms aside from a headache and mild-cold like symptoms, and he plans to focus fully on his treatment and recovery in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines of health authorities. ASTRO’S Moonbin, who is currently promoting together with Yoon Sanha also underwent a rapid antigen test, and his test results came back negative.”

The agency mentioned that it will be difficult for the singer to participate in the scheduled promotions and activities, and explained that they will make an official announcement in the future regarding when the idol will make his return. Fantagio also mentioned that they will confirm the end date of his mandatory quarantine and inform fans about the same.

The activities that stand canceled as of now are mentioned in the statement:

“Furthermore, the video call and fan signing events for the release of Moonbin & Sanha’s third mini album INCENSE that were scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 12 and Saturday, January 14 will be postponed: and the radio appearances on MBC FM4U’s GOT7’s Youngjae’s Close Friend”(Tuesday, January 10) and KBS Cool FM’s “BTOB’s Kiss the Radio” (Friday January 13) have been cancelled."

ASTRO's agency ended their statement by asking fans for their understanding and promising that they will continue to put the health of their artists above everything else. The agency stated:

“We ask for your understanding in regards to the fact that we have given many people cause for concern. We will continue to consider the health of our artists and staff our top priority, and we will do our utmost to ensure the speedy recovery of our artists while adhering to the guidelines of the government health authorities."

The idol is currently taking the necessary precautions and resting at home to recover as quickly as possible. The agency will announce when the artist's quarantine period will end and promotional activities for his mini-album along with Moonbin will resume.

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