"Heavenly is so toxic": Fans slam Heavenly for starting a feud with Contessa on Married to Medicine Season 9 finale

Heavenly feuds with Contessa on Married to Medicine
Heavenly feuds with Contessa on Married to Medicine (Image via Instagram/dr_heavenly,drcontessa)

Married to Medicine Season 9 aired its finale on Sunday, October 16, 2022, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. The one-hour episode saw the cast members indulge in love, laughter, tears and drama for one last time as the installment comes to an end. Viewers witnessed significant drama as the ladies hashed out their differences and tried to resolve impending issues between them.

In the final episode of Married to Medicine, Heavenly and Contessa's feud continued as the duo got into a heated argument. Fans, however, slammed Heavenly for bringing up Contessa's relationship with her husband once again. One tweeted:

Married to Medicine season 9 premiered on July 10, 2022, and has been extremely popular among viewers.

Cast members Dr. Jacqueline Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Toya Bush-Harris, Anila Sajja, Miss Quad Webb, and newcomer Audra Frimpong have been involved in some major drama this season, which has been widely watched by fans, who followed the arguments and made their opinions known on social media.

Contessa and Heavenly get into an argument on Married to Medicine

On tonight's episode of Married to Medicine, the ladies got together to hash out any impending differences they might have had over the course of the season. While most of it was resolved with Toya and Anila, and Audra and Toya made amends, Contessa and Heavenly's feud was still fresh in their minds and only got heated in the season finale.

During Jackie and Simone's "relationship resuscitation" retreat, it was time for Contessa and Heavenly to talk about their strained relationship. While the duo maintained that they had reached a better place, they also agreed that their relationship had cracks, and had changed from what it was previously.

The two got into an argument on Married to Medicine season finale after Heavenly said:

"Well I think you're wonderful...I think you're beautiful...I just think that..I wish and hope that you know how beautiful you are...but I don't think you should take things because somebody is a man."

Contessa was furious at Heavenly as the latter hadn't yet let go of talking about her relationship. She asked the ladies to keep her "spouse's name out of their mouth." However, Heavenly maintained that it was Contessa who chose to speak about her issues with her husband in public, so she did not understand why it was bothersome if she talked about it on her YouTube channel.

In a confessional, Contessa opened up about her relationship with her husband and said:

"I'm not mad at Scott anymore. I'm married to Scott. Me and Scott go through ups and downs. We started going to therapy. Scott has evolved, but she's the problem. I cannot have a relationship with someone that all they wanna do is criticize. No thank you."

Later on in the Married to Medicine episode, Simone and Jackie discussed the issue. While Jackie felt that Heavenly only spoke about what was shared with her, Simone failed to agree. In a confessional, she said:

"It doesn't matter what one friend vents to another friend about. You as my girlfriend should respect our relationship enough that when I confide in you, you don't put me on blast, and put my s**t out there."

By the end of the episode, Contessa and Heavenly admitted that they felt distant and didn't want to end up in a day-to-day relationship with each other, but confessed that they still have a lot of love for each other.

Fans slammed Heavenly for bringing up the topic again on Married to Medicine

Fans were upset with Heavenly for arguing with Contessa over the same issue and took to social media to express their opinions.

Check out what they have to say.

Heavenly - stop! At some point, what don’t you get about the fact that you talked about your so called “friend” I don’t understand why she doesn’t get it. Let this be Contessa talking about Damon! She would be livid. #Married2Med
Listen I’m sure there is so much shit wrong in Heavenly’s marriage to the point where she has to constantly talk about and put other people marriages down. That right there is a hater and an envious person. She is no friend. #Married2Med
heavenly not a real friend and dont know how to be one contessa need learn it and move on #Married2Med
Heavenly is a horrible friend. It doesn’t matter what Contessa said about HER marriage. you being her FRIEND should have common sense to know you still need to watch your mouth about HER marriage. like what’s not clicking? that’s your “friend” & your dragging her! #Married2Med
Heavenly doesn't want to move past what Contessa and Scott went through, and if they are getting therapy, and moving forward, why are you bothered? Heavenly couldn't touch my toenails, let alone my teeth! #Married2med
Heavenly is not respecting Contessa's boundary. She has asked you to stop talking about her husband but you refuse to shut up about him. Now you would be pissed if she starts talking about "daddy" #Married2Med
Heavenly a bug. Know she’ll wanna get there if somebody kept bringing up Damon #Married2Med
Heavenly Does Need’s To STOP 🛑 Talking About Her Friends Relationship’s Already it’s Completely Out Line Fr Fr. What’s If Someone Was Talking About You’re Relationship Heavenly U Would Go Off Just Like Contessa Is Doing Period. #Married2Med
Heavenly can’t be happy in her personal life bc happy ppl don’t act like this #Married2Med
Heavenly, she literally said keep your opinions about my husband to yourself. That was a cue for you to then say your opinion. Youre so smart but yet so dumb! Its weird! #Married2Med

Married to Medicine Season 9 has finally come to an end. A dramatic three-part reunion awaits in the upcoming weeks as the cast members reflect on the season and try to resolve any leftover issues or concerns amongst them.

Keep watching this space for more details about the Bravo series.

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