"I am not okay Min Yoon-gi": ARMYs go wild at Suga’s shirtless and artistic photoshoot

Featuring BTS
Featuring BTS' Suga (Image via agustd Instagram)

On January 5, 2023, Suga from BTS dropped some ethereal and artistic series pictures of himself on Instagram.

The idol is shirtless, covered in plants and flowers, and is portrayed in a pink and blue shade of color. The identity of photoshoot haven’t been relevealed yet and fans have termed it a mysterious photoshoot.

In a series of new pictures, according to fans, Suga, whose real name is Min Yoon-gi, looks as ethereal as someone from the a dream utopian world. The first picture shows the singer looking otherworldly with snowflake-like petals and white flowers around his neck.

The second picture shows him surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing pink web and fans think he looks like a God-like figure in the pictures with his eyes closed.

As soon as Suga dropped his gorgeous pictures on Instagram, the ARMYs went wild with happiness and couldn’t believe their eyes. Suga has been spoiling ARMYs by posting aesthetically pleasing pictures on Instagram for days now, and fans took to Twitter to express their excitement and joy about the pictures.


Apart from complimenting his looks, some ARMYs transformed into detectives and claimed that they finally found the idol’s unrevealed tattoo in the newly released photos by him.

ARMYs turn detectives to figure out Suga's unrevealed tattoo on seeing his new shirtless pictures

BTS members RM, Jin, J-hope, Suga, Park Jimin, Jungkook, and V matching tattoos of the number '7' that spell BTS when put together. Tattoo artist Polyc SJ revealed the locations of other member’s tattoo. However, Min yoon-gi’s remains a mystery till date.

Interestingly, it was Suga’s idea to get a friendship tattoo and previously confirmed in August 2020, that he also got one. However, he challenged ARMYs to find the tattoo on their own. Fans took up the challenge enthusiastically and never left a moment when they could spot the location of his tattoo.

The eagle-eyed ARMYs are once again trying to locate the location of idol’s tattoo through their keen observation and interesting approach. While admiring his aesthetic pictures, they look at everything that the picture has to offer.

us : it's yoongi's 7 tattooalso us : i think it's his hair strand.

Some fans are pointing at the back of idol’s neck. They are in constant dilemma whether it is just a strand of his hair or much more than that. Upon looking and observing closely, some fans are claiming that it is indeed identical to number 7 present in the small gap.

There are mixed opinions among fans on whether it is a tattoo or just a strand of hair. While some firmly believe that the mystery of Suga’s tattoo have finally solved while others are not convinced. While others believe that it's just an illusion due to his hair.

#SUGAJust wanted to say that I think his tattoo is not on his neck as it's just a fake illusion due to his hairs in today's pictures. After checking and matching each and every tattoo of the members this is what I conclude.**pic credits to their owners

In the end, the ARMYs are planning to ask themselves about him on the South Korean fan chat app Weverse.

While searching for Suga’s tattoo, fans didn’t forget to admire the features of the idol in the recent photoshoot. Fans went on describing the idol’s broad shoulders and clavicles. It is one of the first times the idol has revealed so much of his skin to his fans as he is known to be one of the most reserved and modest members.

Nevertheless, fans are welcoming the new era of the idol where he is really showing different sides of himself through different themes of images. They are talking about the dynamic range Suga possesses.

yoongi “stripped” from all walls and laying bare cocooned with flowers,, so attuned with his fragile, soft corners. min yoongi everyone.
let's talk about min yoongi and his range..
📸 welcome to the new era of min yoongi
armys when they saw yoongi post on IG
no caption head empty just min yoongi

Suga’s show Suchwita dropped its second episode

@bts_bighit "i really wanna keep making music for 30, 40 years. even when im an old man with grey hair” - yoongi 💜Oh we love you @BTS_twt 😭💜

On January 5, 2023, the idol's show Suchwita dropped its second episode where he talked and had a drink with Shin Dong-yup. Dong-up is one of the most famous and reputed entertainers and comedians in the South Korean entertainment industry. While having a heart-to-heart conversation with his senior, the idol shared his love for music and stated:

“I really wanna keep making music for 30, 40 years, even when I’m an old man with gray hair.”

Fans got emotional at the thoughtful thought of the idol and wished the same. The first episode of Suchwita was conducted with RM. The two shared some interesting talks in the first episode.

It has been reported that the singer will be enlisted in the military as a social service agent instead of serving on the borderline due to his shoulder surgery. The idol is reported to enlist in March 2023, and complete it by September 2024.

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