"Imagine being so numb to artistic expression" - Post Malone drugs claim in viral video slammed by fans

Fans slammed a drug claim about Post Malone after his performance in Sydney
Fans slammed a drug claim about Post Malone after his performance in Sydney's Accor Stadium on Sunday. (Image via WireImage)

A Twitter page claimed on Monday, February 6 that Post Malone’s fans were worried about his health after watching him perform at Sydney’s Accor Stadium on Sunday. The American rapper and songwriter performed as the opening act for the alt-rock legends Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Global Stadium Tour on February 5.

The page @raphousetv2 on Twitter shared a clip from Malone’s performance where he was singing I Fall Apart.

Fans get worried for Post Malone after watching him perform like this🙏🏾😕🙇🏽‍♂️

Some individuals in the replies hinted that Malone’s bizarre body language and posture might be the aftereffects of a drug overdose and implied that fans were concerned about the singer.

@xoWildfox @nickdorazio3rd @raphousetv2 Um I can agreee with this but post Malone is on drugs so that’s what they’re worried ab bro is up there singing his heart out off drugs 😂it’s something to be worried about

However, Malone’s fans denounced the claim and came to the singer’s defense saying that this was his usual behavior when he performs. Fans claimed that it would have been rather concerning if Post Malone did not perform like that during I Fall Apart because it is a very emotional song for him.

One fan, @nickdorazio3rd criticized those attributing the artist's behavior to drug consumption and wrote:

"Imagine being so numb to artistic expression that a professional musician passionately belting lyrics to a song called 'I fall apart' live causes you to think internally 'wow that guy looks weird up there, why isn’t he singing it normally, I’m worried'"
@raphousetv2 Imagine being so numb to artistic expression that a professional musician passionately belting lyrics to a song called “I fall apart” live causes you to think internally “wow that guy looks weird up there, why isn’t he singing it normally, I’m worried”

"That's just him" - Post Malone fans slam drugs claim

Post Malone graced the stage in Sydney’s Accor Stadium on Sunday and ensured his fans had a memorable evening. He was a guest performer on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Australia tour. Malone landed on Australian soil last week along with his partner Jamie and their daughter.

The crowd at the concert chanted "Shoey," which is an Aussie celebration where people drink a celebratory drink after pouring it into a shoe. Fans encouraged the singer to take part in the tradition and someone even handed him a sneaker. Loud cheers erupted in the space when Malone poured beer into the sneaker and chugged it on stage.

However, RHTV's claims of fans being worried about the singer's body language mid-performance and individuals' hints about the artist's drug usage were immediately debunked and condemned by netizens.

Many many took to the comments section of the original post and urged the page to take a look at Post Malone's other performances. They mentioned that they would find him moving his hands and acting in the same way as that is how he usually performs.

@nickdorazio3rd @raphousetv2 Go check out his other performances. All like this. That’s his way. He’s just very into his body language.

Another user, @Lunaa also commented on the post and said that they saw Post Malone perform live four times and he sang I Fall Apart, in the same way, every single time since 2018. The user also added that every year a new clip of the singer performing like this surfaces online and people start accusing Malone of doing hard drugs just because he "puts on a good show."

@raphousetv2 Seen this dude live 4 times. He performed I fall apart just like this everytime since 2018. Every year some new clip comes out of him performing and everyone accuses of him of doing hard drugs because he puts on a good show or is buzzed on beer that he drinks on stage lmao
@raphousetv2 that’s literally all of his performances, that’s just him lmao
@raphousetv2 This is the video I took, he didn’t show any other movements like this the rest of the set. This song is deeply personal to him, and you can see it on his face. Leave this man alone.
@raphousetv2 He’s always been like this, now post REAL rap like your bio says you do
@raphousetv2 I have never seen him perform other than this. I’d be worried if he didn’t do this.
@C2Kentertain @nickdorazio3rd @raphousetv2 You’ve obviously never seen a heroin high cuz this ain’t it 😂
@raphousetv2 He always performs like this. Seen him in concert twice and he moved his hands/body the same exact way. Everyone has their own mannerisms when they perform. This is what his look like! 🤘🏼🔥🎶
@raphousetv2 Let the man feel his own music
@raphousetv2 He has stage anxiety and always performs this song like this. It’s very emotional for him jesus🤦🏿‍♂️

Previously in 2020, Post Malone told fans mid-performance that he was not on drugs

A video of Malone falling on stage while performing I Fall Apart surfaced online two years ago and left fans concerned about the singer’s health and well-being. In the video, the rapper appeared to have slurred speech, struggled to pick up his microphone, rolled his eyes, and fell.

Later, during a concert at Tennessee’s FedExForum in Memphis, the rapper interrupted the performance to reassure his fans that he was okay and that his behavior was all part of the performance.

Malone said:

“...for anyone that’s concerned here, I appreciate the love and the support, but I feel f**king fantastic and I’m not doing drugs.”

Dre London, his manager, also asserted that there was nothing to worry about.

In May 2022, the 27-year-old singer revealed that he and Jamie were expecting their first child. In June of the same year, Malone appeared on The Howard Stern Show and announced that he was engaged to his girlfriend and they welcomed a daughter.


During Malone’s interview with Stern, the young rapper shared that he struggled with alcoholism for a long time, however, his fiancé helped him to get on the path of recovery.

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