Smashburger’s new S'mac & Cheese Burger: Ingredients, price, availability, and other details revealed

Smashburger introduces the new S
Smashburger introduces the new S'mac & Cheese Burger (Image via Smashburger)

On Singles Awareness Day, Smashburger introduced a one-of-a-kind burger that brings together two American favorites. Dubbed ''S'mac & Cheese Burger," the new fusion special combines the goodness of burgers and mac & cheese in a lip-smacking meal that customers can't help falling in love with.

Starting February 17, customers can enjoy the new burger at all participating locations across the country. The new Mac-n-Cheese special burger will be available at a suggested price of $8.99 for a limited time. Orders for the new burger can be placed at the Smashburger restaurant near you or through the company's app or website for pick-up and deliveries.

The restaurant chain introduced the new burger through a press release, with Carl Bachmann, the President of the fast-casual hamburger restaurant chain, quoting:

"As a leader in the fast casual space, Smashburger is proud to be at the forefront of taste innovation – constantly pushing the boundaries of flavor with quality ingredients to create delectable new menu items."

Briefing fans about the new mac & cheese burger, Carl further added:

"For this dish, we're using our proprietary smashing technique to smash the mac and cheese on the grill to create a crispy and flavorful baked cheese layer before adding it to the burger. It's something we've never seen done before and know our guests will love it as much as we do!"

In appreciation of the new burger, the restaurant chain is also sending individuals a few limited-edition macaroni-shaped pillows through an Instagram giveaway.

Angus Beef, Mac-n-Cheese, and more ingredients used in the new Smashburger offering

Whether it's a youngster from college or a grown adult, there's no denying that the love for Mac-n-Cheese and burgers runs deep within all Americans. With Smashburger combining the two American favorites, we now have the ultimate meal that is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all Americans. Made in the signature Smashburger style, the new S'mac & Cheese Burger takes the burger experience to another level.

The S'mac & Cheese Burger features certified Angus Beef, American Cheese, and a smashed-style serving of American Mac-n-Cheese, all placed on toasted artisan buns. Before adding the burgers, the mac-n-cheese is smashed onto the grill, which adds a crispy and flavourful layer to the cheese, thus adding a depth of flavor to the burger.

Customers can buy the new S'mac & Cheese Burger for $8.99. They can also choose to modify any existing burger of their choice and add the S'mac & Cheese layer to it.

The popular restaurant chain is also offering customers a 50% discount on the all-new burger. This offer is only applicable on orders placed on the company's website or app. The discount can be claimed on all orders placed between February 17 and March 6, 2023.

Smashburger gives away limited-edition Macaroni-shaped pillows

The restaurant chain is also offering individuals a golden opportunity to get themselves a limited-edition Macaroni-shaped pillow. Starting February 16, Smashburger is running a limited-time giveaway that can get 75 lucky individuals a limited-edition Macaroni-shaped pillow.

The giveaway, which will be held on the chain's official Instagram page (@smashburger) is open until February 28 and all Americans over the age of 18 can participate. The rules for participation are simple, as individuals only have to follow the Instagram page of the chain and mention/tag three friends in the comments of the giveaway post, with the hashtag '#SmashFan.'

The restaurant chain will be announcing the results of the giveaway on March 1 and will be giving the limited-edition Macaroni-shaped pillows to at least 75 lucky participants.

Founded in 2007, by Rick Schaden and Tom Ryan, Smāshburger IP Holder LLC a.k.a Smashburger is an American fast-casual hamburger restaurant chain. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the hamburger restaurant chain has outlets in seven countries. The company covers over 227 locations in the States, with 220 in the United States and seven in Canada.

The restaurant chain is popular for its "smashed" burgers, which feature patties that are usually cooked on a flattop grill at high heat. The restaurant offers a wide variety of meals including - Hamburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Salads, French fries, Shakes, Soft drinks, and much more.

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