"Taehyung's imagination vs reality": BTS' V's surprise arrangement for ARMYs during his Inkigayo pre-recording goes hilariously wrong

BTS' V prepares gifts for fan (Image via Twitter/ Bangtan7_Stream)

On September 9, 2023, BTS' Kim Taehyung demonstrated once again why he's not only an incredibly talented artist but also deeply connected with his fans, the ARMY. This particular day saw his appearance at the pre-recording session of SBS' Inkigayo Music Bank, and it became a heartwarming chapter in the story of his relationship with his fans.

One of the most salient aspects of this appearance was the unique approach Taehyung took to promote his debut solo album, Layover. Instead of relying solely on his management company to handle promotions, V decided to take a hands-on approach. He wanted to connect with his fans directly, recognizing the major role they play in his journey as an artist.

Knowing that his dedicated fans would be there since the early hours of the day, Taehyung wanted to make their wait more comfortable and enjoyable. What he did next not only displayed his love for the ARMY but also highlighted his creativity in arranging unforgettable moments.

BTS' Taehyung's playful bus plan turns out differently than expected

V arrived at the pre-recording session of Inkigayo Music Bank and executed his surprising and thoughtful plan. After the incident, it was learned that it wasn't just about performing his songs but about creating an experience that his fans would cherish forever.

For the pre-recording session, BTS' V had to perform at two different locations. Instead of merely notifying fans of the location changes, he decided to make it a delightful surprise. Fans were left utterly shocked when they realized he had organized six buses to shuttle them between the venues.

This was done because he recognized and assumed that transportation would be a logistical challenge for the fans to move between different venues during these music show recordings. Taking it upon himself, he arranged for their transportation, ensuring their safety and convenience.

However, these buses were no ordinary means of transportation, as they were evidence of Taehyung's attention to detail and his desire to create a memorable experience. What's more, the buses displayed "FOR ARMY" as their front digital signs, adding a personal touch that made fans feel incredibly special.

Here is when the story took an amusing twist. Taehyung's generous act extended to installing karaoke machines inside the buses. The idea was for ARMYs to enjoy singing along to his songs during the journey. He even teased the fans later by expressing his playful jealousy that they got to sing his songs without his presence.

However, the actual karaoke experience didn't quite match the well-intentioned plan. The buses, despite being equipped with karaoke machines, were mostly silent. The reason behind this wasn't a lack of enthusiasm, rather, it was sheer exhaustion as it had already clocked past midnight. Many fans had been waiting for hours, and by the time the buses were in motion, it was already quite late.

This unexpected twist only added to the charm of the story, making fans worldwide laugh and share in the joy. Hilarious banter ensued as fans expressed their playful jealousy toward those who had the opportunity to witness this unique event firsthand through their social media accounts.

V gifts customized gift boxes to the ARMYs at the Inkigayo pre-recording

This series of surprises actually started at the first venue, where Taheyung decided to gift customized boxes to the ARMYs. In these boxes, he arranged for snacks and an assortment of adorable gifts to be distributed among the patiently waiting fans. These weren't any ordinary gifts, as they were meticulously chosen to impress the fans.

The unique gifts included a silver bracelet adorned with a customized V pendant as well as another pendant with Taehyung's name in Korean, a Layover-themed aromatic woody sachet, a CELINE lollipop, a white scrunchie, a postcard, and customized Layover-themed packaging.

Despite the humorous elements, Taehyung's considerate and personal approach to connecting with his fans left a lasting impression. ARMYs worldwide expressed their gratitude for his efforts, with many declaring him the "best boy ever." This act of kindness and creativity further created an even stronger bond between V and his fans, reaffirming his status as an artist who genuinely cares about those who support him.

By arranging snacks, gifts, transportation, and even karaoke, Taehyung demonstrated his commitment to making ARMYs' experiences as special as possible. While the karaoke plan didn't go as expected, it added a humorous twist to the story and made fans around the world laugh. This sweet episode further declared V as an artist who truly cares about the people who support him.

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