"V has a storied history": Weverse Magazine writes an in-depth feature on BTS’ Kim Taehyung’s upcoming solo debut album Layover

Weverse writes a beautiful piece for BTS
Weverse writes a beautiful piece for BTS' V (Image via Twitter/ btschartsdailys)

On September 4, 2023, Weverse magazine released a feature about BTS’ V regarding his upcoming album Layover and new music in general. As V already has two pre-released songs from his album, Randy Suh, a music writer at Weverse, reflected on V’s musical prowess, both as a part of the group BTS and as an individual artist who’s ready to shine alone. Suh beautifully describes the feelings behind the BTS star's solo songs and the growth of his individuality through the medium of his musical career.

While describing V's personality as seen in the titular quote, he says,

"V has a storied history of using his wide spectrum of self-expression, and it seems to come from equal parts dedication and raw talent."

Weverse sheds light on BTS' V's career evolution, musical abilities, and the reflection of his hopeless romanticism on his work

This particular Weverse article delves into the intriguing phenomenon of nostalgia associated with retro culture and its impact on V. It explores V's profound affection for all things vintage, particularly those that evoke a warm and sentimental charm, and how this sentiment is reflected in his debut solo album, Layover.


The article shines a spotlight on V's inaugural single from his album, Love Me Again, and its accompanying music video, which is characterized by its deliberate excessiveness. The video, reminiscent of the flamboyant aesthetics of 2000s basement karaoke venues, is praised for its extravagant elements, with V's presence serving as an anchor amid the visual luxury. The piece emphasizes the pivotal role of stars in the K-pop industry and V's exceptional ability to spellbind audiences. While describing Love Me Again, Randy says,

"A mysterious limestone cave (the Caves of Drach, in Spain); his top made entirely of sequins (of an intense gold, almost fiery color); a karaoke machine straight out of the 20th century, complete with CRT display and fuzzy text; a long, wired microphone; lights that pierce every corner of the screen with bokeh."

V's multifaceted self-expression journey is expounded upon, tracing his evolution from a dynamic performer in BTS to a contemplative artist who seeks romance in the ordinary. The article highlights his proclivity for crafting uncomplicated folk melodies and emotional ballads, often featuring minimalistic arrangements. Anecdotes, such as the BTS member's request to take home roses from a photoshoot, are cited as examples of his quest to find the romantic in everyday life.

The musicality of Love Me Again is scrutinized, drawing parallels to the soulful sounds of the 1970s and neo-soul. V's vocals, characterized by their soft and rich quality, are lauded for their exceptional distinctiveness. His ability to effortlessly glide between musical notes, creating a mellifluous and warm ambiance, is a distinctive feature.

The article focuses on the understated nature of V's new musical creations, marked by minimalism and subtle elements. Despite initial appearances of simplicity, the article suggests that this direction aligns harmoniously with V's artistic style and producer Min Hee-Jin's artistic approach, giving rise to a unique auditory experience.


BTS' V's second single, Rainy Days, is introduced as an R&B track accompanied by a lo-fi hip-hop rhythm. The article highlights the genre's surge in popularity on YouTube and its ability to evoke the nostalgia of bygone eras, mirroring V's intent to emphasize retro elements.

The examination of the music video for Rainy Days, filmed in Spain, is juxtaposed with the TikTok trend known as "tomato girl summer." V's song is characterized as encapsulating the bittersweet feeling that follows the passion of a summer day.

The article focuses on a pivotal moment in Rainy Days where a sudden key change occurs, emphasizing its impact on the song's emotional resonance. This choice is interpreted as a metaphor for the irreversible nature of life experiences.

He describes this song in the most beautiful manner, saying,

"V’s song feels like the evening that follows the sun setting on this fad: still warm and comfortable, but with the tint of wistfulness that comes from seeing the passion of the day disappear."

V's exceptional talent for conveying longing through his music is described as a continuous and delicate wave. The decision to release these songs ahead of the full EP album is portrayed as a gesture offering inner tranquility to listeners. The article concludes by applauding V's sensitivity and his remarkable ability to find beauty in yearning. His evolution as an artist, from his early days with BTS to his current solo endeavors, is celebrated as a testament to his growth and artistic depth.

The article covers V's connection with nostalgia and how it profoundly influences his musical creations and artistic identity. It highlights his distinctive style and emotional sensitivity, positioning him as one of the most mark-making K-pop idols ever.

BTS’ Kim Taehyung’s solo debut album, Layover, is set to be released on September 8, 2023.

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