“Taennie is real”: K-pop fans react to new photos of V and Jennie being leaked

V and Jennie Jeju Island photos leaked (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment)
V and Jennie Jeju Island photos leaked (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment)

Are V and Jennie really dating or not has become an intense topic of discussion and debate amongst K-pop fans to the point that fans are waiting for confirmation from the members’ respective agencies.

On Friday, September 16 KST, new photos of V and Jennie’s Jeju date surfaced online, sparking another round of discussion amongst K-pop fans.

In the photos, the two K-pop idols can be seen enjoying each other’s company as if they were in a happy and committed relationship and doing things that couples do.

The new pictures went viral from the same notorious source @gurumiharibo who was previously responsible for leaking V and Jennie's private pictures, and this time they are throwback pictures from their "Jeju Island date" back in May when news of their "relationship" first became public.

Taennie is real” , commented a fan online. For the unversed, Taennie is a portmanteau of their names Taehyung (BTS V’s real name) and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

V and Jennie enjoy a wholesome date at Jeju Island in throwback pictures; K-pop fans react

V and Jennie are going steady and the wholesome pictures of their Jeju Island date are proof of their “relationship”.

In the new photos released by the notorious account @gurumiharibo, the two K-pop idols can be seen engaging in normal tourist-like activities such as visiting popular tourist spots, taking adorable pictures, and enjoying a regular couple life.

The two idols can be seen posing in front of a giant golden Buddha statue, doing a “namaste”.

V and Jennie are dressed stylishly but comfortably in similar bucket hats and have their faces hidden behind masks and oversized sunglasses in the photos shared.

In another picture, Jennie is affectionately feeding a baby sheep. V can be seen striking a pose in the third picture and planting an affectionate kiss on Jennie's head while she smiles in the fourth.

ARMYs and BLINKs have taken to social media to react to the new pictures “leak” and here are some reactions below.

“V and Jennie are dating I guess” writes one fan, and our guess is as good as yours.

Fans have discovered that the talented BLACKPINK member has previously worn the same blue-printed pajama as seen in the pictures and that the Bangtan member has the same scar on his leg which can be seen in the photo below.

Fans want BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment to break their silence and speak up on the matter.

The leaked photo prompted one fan to wonder, "Why are these dating rumors and pictures only surfacing around the release of BLACKPINK?" Is there a hidden motive or agenda at work here?

These pictures date back to May when they allegedly went to Jeju Island together. The picture that went viral shows "BTS V" driving the car while "BLACKPINK Jennie" sits in the passenger seat.

At the time fans from both sides refused to believe it, claiming the pictures were not real and that they were just V and Jennie’s “lookalikes”.

Meanwhile, airline staff members had confirmed that the K-pop stars had indeed visited Jeju Island together. At the time, YG Entertainment said they couldn't say anything specific, while BIG HIT MUSIC avoided speaking to the press entirely.

Now, the past pictures have gained traction yet again with their new “Jeju date” pictures surfacing verifying their dating rumors to be true after all.

In other news, V and Jennie attended a private listening party for the group's second album, BORN PINK, which was attended by only selected guests.

V and Jennie crowned “best-sellers” on Ktown4u

V and Jennie may or may not be dating, but they continue to prove why they are two of the most talented and popular K-pop idols in showbiz right now.

BTS V’s cover for Vogue Korea slated to release in October, has been declared the best-selling magazine of all time on Ktown4u in record seven days.

The Singularity singer’s magazine pre-orders sold more than 44,000 copies on Ktown4u within a week surpassing BIGBANG’s leader GDragon who sold 36,000 copies.

Fans are anticipating the release of BTS V's Vogue magazine cover in October, which will include some interesting anecdotes about his life and career, as well as his superstar group.

On the other hand, the SOLO singer has also been declared a “best-selling artist” by Ktown4u. BLACKPINK's latest album, BORN PINK, has become the best-selling album on Ktown4u. The talented girl-group is currently selling 855,000 copies and counting, with an impressive 1.5 million copies pre-sales worldwide.

As of yet, neither BIG HIT MUSIC nor YG Entertainment have responded to the dating rumors.

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