"That's insane": Fans furious as Robyn calls Wendy "antagonizing" over her feud with Mia on RHOP

Robyn calls Wendy "antagonizing" on RHOP
Robyn calls Wendy "antagonizing" on RHOP (Image via Instagram/robyndixon10,wendyosefo)

Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) aired a brand new episode on Sunday, November 21, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The one-hour episode featured cast members as they continued their trip in Miami and while some had their share of fun, others were embroiled in major altercations and arguments that led to a significant amount of drama, keeping viewers hooked to their television screens.

On this week's episode of RHOP, Wendy and Mia got into a heated argument after the latter confronted Wendy about her issue with Peter Thomas. The conflict quickly escalated to a physical altercation from Mia's end, which didn't sit well with viewers. However, Robyn accused Wendy of "antagonizing" Mia.

Fans were disappointed with Robyn's comments about Wendy and took to social media to express their opinions. One tweeted:

I know Robyn didn’t just call Wendy antagonistic… that’s insane. #RHOP

Season 7 of RHOP has been extremely dramatic since the premiere episode. The ladies have had issues with each other over past relationships and dynamics and as they get addressed in the episodes, the arguments increase. The official synopsis of the episode reads:

"The girls trip continues as the ladies head out for dinner where there's a lot of beef on the menu; the birthday girl, Karen, continues to deflect questions about her friendship with Charrisse."

What transpired between Mia and Wendy on RHOP season 7?

On tonight's episode of RHOP, things quickly got heated up between cast members Mia and Wendy. The former previously found out that Peter Thomas had "beef" with Wendy, considering she hadn't responded to his business proposal. Mia also spoke to Peter about the same, where he expressed disappointment about Wendy coming to his bar and not greeting him.

Mia also expressed to Peter that Wendy wasn't sure of what she wanted to do and advised him not to waste his time. She then confronted Wendy about the businessman's concerns. Wendy, however, mentioned that she had left Peter a message but hadn't heard from him since then. The star was more bothered by Mia's involvement in the same.

The two RHOP ladies then began arguing. While Wendy claimed that she would inform Peter at her own time about any update she might have on the business, Mia explained that he was like her family and that Wendy at least owed him a decent response. This caused friction as after Wendy accused Mia and her husband for dealing with things in a different way than her, Mia threw a glass of champagne at her.

This infuriated Wendy even more and she accused Mia of having an affair with Peter, leading to more repurcussions from Mia. The latter, after a brief break, fought back over Wendy's claims by throwing her purse at her and slamming her for talking ill about her husband and disrespecting him. While Wendy maintained that it was Mia who started it first by getting involved and throwing a drink at her.

Mia had also accused Wendy of being insecure and getting upset on being called out for things that she had done. After the altercation with Wendy, Mia realized that it was time for her to leave Miami and asked her husband to get a flight out for her, while having an emotional breakdown on RHOP.

The realest shit ever said. 💯 #RHOP

Meanwhile, Robyn kept reiterating the fact that Wendy was being "antagonizing" towards Mia throughout their altercation as she kept talking over her. While Wendy maintained that it wasn't her fault and that Robyn and Gizelle were siding with Mia, who chose physical violence.

Fans react to Roby's comment towards Wendy on RHOP

Fans took to social media to express their displeasure with Robyn's comments. Check out what they have to say.

Robyn if you don’t shut up calling Wendy “antagonistic” and you filming and telling her to fight?! But you’re not violent??? She a lame #RHOP
Y’all see how Robyn said Wendy was “antagonistic” when she got up outta her chair? She said nothing when Mia threw a drink on Wendy though! #RHOP
Robyn Dixon is such a damn loser. #RHOP 🌸
So... Mia somehow makes Peter's lame beef with Wendy HER beef with Wendy for NO REASON then throws a drink on her.Robyn: Wendy stop being antagonistic.#RHOP
calling Wendy “antagonistic” after mia threw the drink…oh Robyn’s DENSE #RHOP
Did Robyn just learn the definition of antagonistic??? If so why didn’t she apply that to Mia who started the mess…#RHOP
Wait… Robyn says that Dr. Wendy is antagonistic and Mia just threw a drink at WENDY. Whew Chile… you will have A LOT to explain at the reunion regarding the colorism conversation bc it’s overt at this point. #RHOP
Robyn is such a clown. She opened her 'Word of the Day' calendar, a gift from Juan, and saw antagonistic 😩🥴🫣 #RHOP
I’m sorry but #RHOP this is gross. Everyone ganging up on Wendy saying she’s ghetto and antagonistic and she was the one with a drink thrown in her face? All because Mia wanted a moment. Very aggressive of Mia.
So let me get this straight, @mrsmiathornton throws a drink in @WendyOsefo face & @RobynDixonRHOP says Wendy is being antagonistic??what? Huh? What? #robyndixon is full of it. I personally think #robyndixon can’t take all that beautiful melanin & brains, #rhop

Season 7 of RHOP is getting dramatic with each passing episode. As the season progresses, there is only more to come as the cast members deal with the consequences of the altercation. Will the ladies be able to return to a cordial place or will the relationship get even worse? Only time will tell.

Don't forget to tune in to next week's episode of RHOP on Monday, November 28, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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