The Marvels plot leak explained: Is Brie Larson as strong as Thanos?

Teh Marvels Plot Leak
The Marvel has allegedly had its whole plot leaked prior to release (Image via Marvel)

In the Marvel Studios film The Marvels, Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, exacted retribution on the Supreme Intelligence and recovered her identity from the oppressive Kree. However, as a result of unforeseen events, Carol is left to bear the weight of an unstable cosmos.

Her talents get intermingled with those of Jersey City superfan Kamala Khan, or Ms. Marvel, and Carol's separated niece, now S.A.B.E.R. astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau, when her responsibilities take her to an anomalous wormhole connected to a Kree revolutionary. To preserve the universe as The Marvels, these odd three will have to come together and learn how to cooperate.

We've been hearing a lot about The Marvels lately. There have been multiple leaks, and a new promo even spoils some of the main surprises in the upcoming MCU film. However, what's most intriguing is a video by YouTuber Mr. H Reviews that revealed important facts and offered more information on The Marvels plot leak.

The Marvels plot leak delivers shocking surprises and more

The new promotional clip, according to YouTuber Mr. H Reviews, is quite deceptive. He goes on to explain that the story focuses on a figure named Dar-Benn, who is the subject of Carol's obsession. The YouTuber also opines that the film wants to assert that there'll always be a Thanos-like character. He adds that the antagonist is "proper Thanos level threat."

As we've seen in the teaser, it's very evident that Carol doesn't trust Dar-Benn, and that, the former is justified in mistrusting her. Then he discloses that the Kree's leader is Dar-Benn. She doesn't run a rival group or anything of the sort. Dar-Benn witnesses Carol fighting the Supreme Intelligence in flashbacks. That is the Genesis story of Dar-Benn and how she became evil. Carol is called the annihilator by the Kree, or something similar, and she is visibly offended by that moniker.

Additionally revealed is the fact that Dar-Benn owns one of Kamala's bracelets, and Kamala possesses the other, as the Disney+ program Ms. Marvel hinted at. There's no secret or explanation for how Dar-Benn got it. It appears that she's using it to power a weapon, and she will eventually need both bangles, and that is what The Marvels centers around.

Another thing Mr. H mentions in The Marvels Plot leak is that almost immediately after using their powers, Monica, Carol, and Kamala started trading places; this was not addressed in the rough version that the YouTuber's source viewed. There is also a hilarious scene where the antagonist, Dar-Benn, asks Kamala how she obtained such a strong and old relic. To which Kamala replies,

"My grandma sent it to me in the mail."

Alongside Nick Fury, Monica is employed at S.W.O.R.D.'s "The Peak" headquarters, a space station. While Kamala is at home, Carol is attempting to enter a Kree-Skrull peace meeting covertly since she doesn't trust Dar-Benn, the Kree's commander.

After Carol engages in combat with the Kree warriors, she switches places with Kamala and Monica, and the soldiers begin to swap places with her, again, apparently no explanation is offered for this.

At one point, Monica is battling Kree's troops in the Khan living room as the Khan family attempts to attack them using brooms. Meanwhile, Carol is at Peak, S.W.O.R.D.'s headquarters, with Fury, while Kamala is at the aforementioned meeting with Dar-Benn.

Because of all the switching going on, everyone, even Nick Fury, finds himself in the Khan living room. But Kamala isn't there, and that exact shot from The Marvels is how the action ends in Disney+'s Ms. Marvel.

According to this The Marvels plot leak, Carol discovers in the middle of the movie that Dar-Benn is pursuing every planet that Carol has ever called home as a kind of retaliation. The final component of the scheme is Earth. To keep the Khan family safe, Fury brings them up to the space station in the interim so that he may keep an eye on things from there.

Later, during the movie's conclusion, Dar-Benn assaults Earth and damages the space station. In addition, not enough escape pods are available to evacuate the station before it collapses.

Fury then devises the plan to feed every person on the space station to the Flerken kittens that had hatched earlier on in the film, load up the kittens onto escape pods, and use that method to reach Earth.

When Monica and Carol arrive at Hala, it is pouring down for the first time, and the Kree who have survived are rejoicing because Dar-Benn has returned their atmosphere and water. Carol understands that, from their point of view, the term "annihilator" is true.

The survivors of her destruction are having difficulty coping. And in their view, she is a terrific villain. She also faces a moral consequence. To stop Dar-Benn would be to destroy Hala once more.

Monica gives her a brief motivational speech, and Carol reiterates her intention to end Dar-Benn, saying that we must let Hala be destroyed once more. The multiverse component begins when Dar-Benn creates portals that cause the cosmos to become unstable in addition to killing worlds. There's another reason they need to halt Dar-Benn: the entire charade is making an incursion more likely.

In The Marvels' conclusion, there is the said incursion happening. While Monica and Kamala attempt to stop the breach, Carol battles Dar-Benn. After flying through the universe's tear and patching it on the other side, Monica finds herself trapped in that realm, and that's where The Marvels plot leaks end. The upcoming MCU film is set to hit theaters on November 10, 2023, worldwide.

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