"This is so precious": ARMYs emotional as BTS' Jimin dropped Dear.ARMY clip for BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA

Featuring Jimin (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring Jimin (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On June 7, 2023, Bighit Entertainment pleasantly surprised ARMYs with the release of the Dear.ARMY clip, featuring Jimin, as part of the ongoing BTS 10th Anniversary FESTA celebration. In this music video, the idol is seen passionately singing for his fans and conveying his heartfelt message through the song.

Dear.ARMY is a hidden track exclusively available on the CD edition of the idol's latest solo debut album, FACE. This fan anthem encompasses sincere lyrics that directly express Jimin's sentiments towards his beloved fans.

Upon hearing the release of the latest hidden track, Dear.ARMY, by the Like Crazy singer, fans couldn't contain their emotions. Many of them mentioned feeling a sense of sadness prior to listening to the song, but expressed how it helped them recover from those difficult times. One user took to Twitter and shared:

"You brighten my world Park Jimin": ARMYs can't get enough of latest song

When the Like Crazy singer released his latest letter or message to his fans, ARMYs were over the moon. Many fans expressed that they have been struggling with their health lately, and Jimin's gift made them smile for the first time in days. Some fans also noticed his small "7" tattoo, which symbolizes the seven members of BTS and their friendship. Others showered compliments on the idol for his angelic and heavenly vocals.

Many fans also loved the lyrics of the song, where they stated that experiencing Jimin's love is an unparalleled sensation, as he desires and yearns for them to discover their own radiance. Fans believe the idol longs to support them during challenging moments by holding their hands. One fan also states that through his song, he acknowledges the unpredictability of the future, yet he assures them, like a gentle breeze, that whatever lies ahead, they can conquer it together.

Fans also started trending the idol under several tags on social media to convey their love for him. The tags include PARK JIMIN, Jiminie, Letter, Thank You Jimin, WE LOVE YOU JIMIN, and WITU JIMIN TILL THE END, among others.

Many fans state they could relate to the following lyrics of the song as they feel the same way about BTS and are elated to have them in their lives. The lyrics are:

"Even after time passes by? Will we stay the same? Just like when we first met. If you and I are together. Even the desert can turn into a sea. Just like the way we used to be."

Another part of Dear.ARMY that resonates with the fans is:

“Baby, don't leave. Just stay by my side, yeah. You who saw someone much greater in me than myself. To give you in return everything you have given me And to keep my promises to you. Don't you worry. By your side I'll always stay.”

BTS have organized and uploaded many concerts, songs, and other content in order to celebrate their 10th anniversary with fans. Recently, BTS released a trailer called 10th Anniversary FESTA (Yeouido) on June 6, 2023, which supposedly extends an invitation to fans to join the celebration in Yeouido. As part of the FESTA festivities, BTS will reveal their digital single Take Two on the upcoming Friday, June 9, at 1pm KST.

BTS members individual activities

Currently, Jin and j-hope are fulfilling their military obligations and keeping fans informed about their well-being through the South Korean social media platform Weverse. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Jungkook and Kim Tae-hyung have been working on their individual solo music albums, while Suga has been occupied with his inaugural solo tour, the Agust D Tour, which recently concluded concerts in Japan.

On a different note, the group's leader, RM, released his solo album, Indigo, in December of the previous year. Moreover, the Like Crazy singer recently revealed his debut solo album, FACE, and has been actively engaging in promotional activities for Tiffany & Co. and Dior. Additionally, vocalist Kim Tae-hyung is slated to host his first solo fan meeting in collaboration with SimInvest in June, as he has been chosen as the global ambassador for the platform.

Fans are also waiting for surprises during FESTA season.

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