“This scene is funny now”: K-pop fans troll the ongoing conflicting statements about ASTRO’s Rocky and Park Bo-yeon’s dating news

ASTRO' Rocky and Park Bo-yeon's dating news causes hilarious reactions on social media (Image via Twitter/@AstroROHA20)

On October 31, 2022, it was reported that ASTRO’s Rocky and actress Park Bo-yeon are in a relationship. However, their respective agencies’ conflicting statements regarding the dating news have become a meme fest for K-pop fans online.

After it was revealed that ASTRO’s Rocky and actress Park Bo-yeon are dating, media publications swiftly reached out to their respective agencies for an official statement.

Initially, ASTRO member Rocky’s agency, Fantagio, confirmed the news, but on the other hand, Park Bo-yeon’s agency, Management Koo, denied the reports.

Shortly after this, Fantagio mildly retracted from their original statement by revealing that they are still in the process of getting to know each other, and it is regrettable to deliver and discuss this news in the middle of such tragedy. Here, the tragedy being referred to is Itaewon’s stampede incident that left 154 people dead, and among them were mostly youngsters.

A K-pop fan, while sharing a meme from the couple’s past web drama Find Me If You Can, wrote:

“This scene is funny now.”

ASTRO’s Rocky and Park Bo-yeon previously worked on the web drama Find Me If You Can

Based on the timeline of events, ASTRO’s Rocky and actress Park Bo-yeon first met during the filming of the web drama Find Me If You Can, which aired last year in 2021.

It is a mystery-thriller-romantic drama about a girl called Shim Sung-jung who is determined to find which one of her suitors is her stalker. She is also disturbed because of the suspicious messages she has been receiving.

Park Bo-yeon played the titular role of Shim Sung-jung, the girl caught in the crossfire by three men confessing their love for her. ASTRO’s Rocky played one of the leads, Choi Jeong-sang, a famous actor who is charming and flamboyant.

They became close on the sets of Find Me If You Can and maintained their friendship even after the show was over. In fact, Park Bo-yeon contributed to ASTRO member Rocky’s solo song S#1, which was for the group’s album Drive to the Starry Road, as she has a natural flair for writing.

After spending time as friends, they have allegedly taken their relationship to the next level and have been in a relationship for over a year now.


In fact, recently, Park Bo-yeon was spotted at Rocky’s musical The Three Musketeers, which sparked further dating rumors about the duo on online communities.

Online platforms revealed that they regretted sharing the dating news of ASTRO’s Rocky and Park Bo-yeon in such a tragic time and requested fans’ understanding of this situation.

However, Management Koo shared a completely different statement revealing that upon confirming with the actress, they are claiming ASTRO’s Rocky is a mere acquaintance and ex-co star and that the two do not share a relationship.

The contradictory statements about ASTRO’s Rocky and Park Bo-yeon caused some confusion amongst K-pop fans, who launched a meme fest on social media with hilarious reactions.

Fans also shared scenes from their web drama Find Me If You Can, revealing that fiction had become a reality in ASTRO’s Rocky and Park Bo-yeon’s case.

Fans speculate that Park Bo-yeon’s denial must have caused Rocky some embarrassment because shortly after confirming their dating news, Fantagio mildly retracted their previous statement claiming that Rocky and Park Bo-yeon are meeting each other and they share endearing feelings towards each other.

Fantagio added that they naturally got close due to their similar interests and are slowly getting to know each other better.

"Rocky and actress Park Boyun are currently in the stage of getting to know each other little by little with good feelings, as it became known through media reports.”

More about ASTRO’s Rocky and Park Bo-yeon

ASTRO’s Rocky, known by his real name Park Min-hyuk, is an all-round member. He is an ace idol, dancer, singer, rapper, music composer, actor, and of course, a member of the K-pop boy group ASTRO. He is also part of a subunit with member JinJin and has participated in many solo and collaboration projects.

He has acted in numerous web series, K-dramas, and variety programs as well including Hit The Stage, Sweet Revenge, Korea’s Got Talent, and King of Mask Singer.

On the other hand, Park Bo-yeon is a Korean actress who started her career with the web drama One Fine Week in 2019 and is currently starring in SBS’ Cheer Up as Lee Yoo-min.

No further statements regarding their dating news have been made at the time of publishing this article. It is anticipated that both agencies are being mindful of the recent tragedy that has struck South Korea - reportedly, they believe that now is not a favorable time to discuss such matters.

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