"Tired of the western industry disrespecting fans": Jimmy Kimmel invites ire online by referring to K-pop group BLACKPINK fans as 'kids'

A still of American show host Jimmy Kimmel and the K-pop giants BLACKPINK (images via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Instagram/@roses_are_rosie)
A still of American show host Jimmy Kimmel and the K-pop group BLACKPINK (Images via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Instagram/roses_are_rosie)

Late-night television show host Jimmy Kimmel came under fire on social media for allegedly disrespecting the K-pop group BLACKPINK.

The American show host, while introducing the K-pop giants BLACKPINK, referred to their fans as "kids". He said,

"This is the reason that all the kids are excited. From this album titled Born Pink, here's the song Shut Down by BLACKPINK."

Fans of BLACKPINK immediately reacted to the line, calling out the talk-show host for disrespecting the K-pop group. It is widely known that K-pop groups fans are composed of all age groups and therefore, did not take kindly to being called "kids" for their music choices.

Fans felt belittled and insulted by the American host and have called him out for his hypocrisy by reminding everyone on Twitter that the massive album sales records created by K-pop groups could not have been dependent on 'kids'.

Not Jimmy Kimmel calling us “kids” while waiting for Bp performance 💀 I’m tired of the western industry disrespecting fans thinking we are all “teens” and “kids”

K-pop groups fans did not react well being called "kids"

K-pop fans did not mince words while calling out the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host for his comment.

No but Jimmy Kimmel saying “all the kids are excited” ugh this is another reason as to why I dislike that man
@sunnylexiee Ikr meanwhile I’ve barely seen blinks being younger than 20 lmao
@ungodIytaegii @sunnylexiee I am 24 by the wayam I a kid 💀💀
Jimmy Kimmel CALL BLACKPINK fans KIDS doesn't sit right to me. I mean. 25 is not that old but I prefer if you call me young adult…
Not that Jimmy Kimmel calling BlackPink fans “kids”…well then again even 25 year old would be qualified to be his kids cause he is that old.
Jimmy Kimmel: "All the kids are excited"The kids:…
jimmy kimmel never fails to be condescending “this is the reason all the kids are excited” ?????
Jimmy Kimmel is just asking to be cancelled. Do these people not learn? Same thing happened w/ BTSHe called Blinks "kids"#BLACKPINK
Jimmy Kimmel didn’t even have an interview with them but still managed to insult them in a few seconds..why did you say “kids” when you could clearly see grown ass people in the audience @jimmykimmel

This isn't the first time an American show host made uncomfortable comments on a K-pop group and their fans

Jimmy Kimmel is notorious for his sarcastic replies and dry humor and has become one of the most popular late night show hosts. However, the internet did not take kindly to him when he made a tongue-in-cheek comment on K-Pop juggernauts BTS and their fandom ARMY.

Back in January, the show invited Ashley Park from Emily in Paris where she talked about covering BTS’ hit song Dynamite on the show. To which Kimmel asked the actress if she faced any fallout for covering the BTS song. The late-night host further added that ARMYs "are absolutely crazed for these guys."

When Park made a reference to the fandom ARMY, Kimmel commented,

"Yeah, you have to be careful with an army because they can attack."

In another instance from the same interview, Ashley Park described her love for BTS and how she reacted when BTS members V and RM shared her cover of their song. She stated that she later realized that she had Covid at the time, and joked that she thought her body was going into a meltdown because of the group.

To this, Jimmy Kimmel added,

"You thought it was BTS fever. They're both very dangerous; you're lucky to come out of those alive."

Fans found the comment extremely racist, especially since Asians were blamed for the spread of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

800k+ COVID deaths in the US, but @jimmykimmel is out here comparing COVID to BTS, telling an Asian woman "They're both very dangerous, you're lucky to come out of those alive". How is it not racist? The subjects, the audience, the TIMING- he made choices here, all of them wrong.

In another instance, Billboard Magazine interviewed Stray Kids for a special feature and added unnecessary parts about the group's history. While referring to the group's sold-out crowd during their MANIAC world tour, they used the term 'teens and tweens' that invited the ire of netizens online.

I'm sorry but that billboard cover story is AWFUL. @billboard stray kids' fans aren't just "young teens and tweens". why bother mentioning an ex member and talking in detail of the situation early last year? it's deplorable. do better.
The most annoying part of the Billboard article for me is the insistence that Stray Kids' audience are teens and tweens. I am a whole adult who listens to all kinds of music including Stray Kids & as far as I know, music has no age restriction.

Popular talk show host Trevor Noah too faced criticism for making a controversial statement on BTS' hiatus news.

"The band has decided to take a break. This is terrible. I feel like people would rather deal with their parents splitting up than BTS."

Angry fans pointed out that they didn't find his segment humorous and asked him to do more research since BTS' agency had clearly stated that the group is not breaking up. Trevor Noah also insulted the K-pop group P1HARMONY in the same segment by portraying the K-pop scene as some sort of competition for dominance.

this is insulting to bts and p1harmony. also framing an entire industry as a one-in-one-out system - especially when a group gave you their time in good faith without this context - is demeaning to so many people…
Trevor Noah has gotten less funny and more cringey every year and this is dumb af. Not every group of Asian men is interchangeable, and y'all did 0 research on either BTS or P1Harmony and made them both a punchline of a bad joke. Gross…

In another instance, the show Good Morning America invited K-pop girl group TWICE to perform their first English single, The Feels. However, crew members of the show feigned ignorance by labeling the performance online as 'A special K-pop performance' instead of naming the popular K-pop group and the name of their hit single.

@jlgmpy Hello @ABCGMA3 @GMAHoping you could change the title because they have a name - TWICE @JYPETWICE. This is a disrespect considering the effort they put on their performance. Please give some acknowledgement.
@GMA @BTS_twt I don't i was disappointed, the disrespect was on another level for calling an 8 year old group that has been to your show not once or twice "new to the scene", the whole thing was just uncomfortable please respect BTS just as they respect you. Educate yourselves that's ignorance

Host James Corden of The Late Late Show, who is considered to be a friend of BTS, was no exception when he called fans of BTS "15 year old girls" online.

ARMYs immediately called out the host for his insensitive remarks and he later apologized to BTS themselves for the same.

the fact that james corden gave the armys that were camping in front of TLLS studio food when bts was promoting in the us in 2020, so he saw the age and gender demographic bts’ fandom is made of, yet he called us a bunch of 15 yo teenage girls. disappointed but not surprised

Western media has been rather quick to capitalize on the rise of K-pop and its popularity amongst fans globally, however, the due respect that needs to be accorded to the artists and their fan bases continues to be sidelined.

In other news, BLACKPINK continues their victory dance as they shatter their own records. The girl group surpassed 1 million copies on the first day of sales of their new album BORN PINK.

This marks the first time any K-pop girl group has surpassed 1 million album sales on day 1 of release.

The number is currently 1.7 times more than the first day sales of BLACKPINK's previous studio album, The Album, on the first day.

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