What did Peso Pluma say about El Chapo? Cartel death threat controversy explained 

Peso Pluma receives death threats following his performance of song referencing El Chapo. (Image via Getty Images)
Peso Pluma receives death threats following his performance of song referencing El Chapo. (Image via Getty Images)

Mexican singer Peso Pluma has reportedly received death threats from a Mexican cartel for performing a song that referenced Joaquín Guzmán Loera, popularly known as El Chapo.

On Sunday, September 10, which was the final night of the two-day music fest, Festival Arre, held in Mexico City, Peso was the closing act. During his rendition of the song Siempre Pendientes, a corrido song, the 24-year-old musician held out his microphone to the audience and sang the initial of Guzmán’s name “J-G-L” in Spanish.

The lyrics of the song were composed from the perspective of one of the members of the Sinaloa Cartel. Part of the lyrics that Peso sang out goes like this:

“I take care of the plaza of señor Guzman.”

The threat came from a rival cartel.

Peso Pluma's death threats come shortly before his October concert in Tijuana


On Tuesday morning, September 12, four criminal organization banners appeared in various parts of Mexico’s Tijuana, where the singer is scheduled to have a concert on October 14.

The banners directly addressed Peso Pluma and asked him to abstain from performing in the city on October 14, threatening that if he showed up at the venue, it would be his last performance as the cartel members would harm him severely. They reasoned that the singer was disrespectful and had a loose tongue. The signage was signed by Jalisco New Generation Cartel also known as CJNG.

Cancellation and postponement of several Peso Pluma concerts due to death threats

Peso Pluma is currently in the U.S. leg of his Double P Tour and until now, he has performed in Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle. The U.S. tour is to be wrapped up on October 21 in California’s Anaheim, with his concerts in Mexico happening in the intervals.

However, after news of the death threats received by the singer went public, venues promoting him started canceling his concerts, which were scheduled for Thursday, September 14 in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee, and Friday, September 15 in Illinois’ Rosemont. His Saturday, September 16 concert in Indianapolis has been postponed and has reportedly been rescheduled. The new date is expected to be posted later.

Peso Pluma also has a concert at the North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Southern California’s Chula Vista on September 30. The singer and his label have yet to address the situation and discuss the continuation of the rest of his Double P Tour.

Tickets for his Tijuana concert were still available for purchase at the time of writing this article.

Peso Pluma was recently at the 2023 MTV VMAs

Pluma, who was born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is a breakout star in Mexico. He is widely noted for blending contemporary elements such as trap and hip-hop with traditional Mexican ballads.

His collaboration with the musical group Eslabon Armado on the 2023 song Ella Baila Sola earned him international audiences. The song also topped the Billboard’s Global 200 chart and was later dubbed the most globally streamed song of the summer on Spotify.

Some of his songs have direct references to drug kingpins and their cartels though he has notoriously avoided discussing this subject in the recent past.

Pluma attended the MTV VMAs on Wednesday, September 13, where he performed Lady Gaga, the hit track from Génesis, his third studio album. He also received nominations in the categories of Song of the Summer, Best Latin, and Best New Artist.

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