Who is Madelaine Brockway? Viral $59 million wedding on TikTok sparks wild reactions over Maroon 5 performance

Car dealership heiress Madelaine Brockway
Car dealership heiress Madelaine Brockway's extravagant French wedding with Maroon 5 as guest performer spark wild reactions online. (Image via Instagram/@madelainebrockway)

Madelaine Brockway, a 26-year-old car dealership heiress from South Florida, has been turning heads for the past few days with the documentation of her luxurious and resplendent five-day Parisian wedding with groom Jacob LaGrone.

The pair tied the knot on November 18, and videos from their grand landmark nuptials, which were reportedly worth $59 million, went viral all over TikTok and other social media platforms, making everyone’s jaw drop with the unusual splurge.

While it is unknown who sponsored the over-the-top wedding, netizens are speculating that Madelaine’s parents are most likely the ones to pay for most of the arrangement.

Her father Bob Brockway is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Ussery Automotive Group, while her mother Paula Brockway is the Vice President at the Coral Gables branch of Mercedes Benz in Florida. Ussery Automotive made headlines in August of this year for selling two of its locations for a profit of $150-700 million.

Madelaine Brockway, who is originally from Miami, Florida, later moved to Texas and reportedly started dating Jacob LaGrone, originally from Nashville, in March 2020.

As per Jacob’s LinkedIn, he worked for the Country Music Association as a talent coordinator in 2013 and 2014. He also served as a production assistant for country singer Jason Aldean in 2018. However, his current occupation is unknown.

Netizens gasp over Madelaine Brockway's lavish nuptials and Maroon 5's special performance

The multimillion-dollar wedding of Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone evidently became the talk of social media, with a handful of netizens bringing up some noteworthy points.

Despite some people showering praises upon the almost regal arrangements, which is a dream to a lot of wedding enthusiasts, a few others opined that no matter how much wealth one possesses, spending $59 million on a wedding is not only extravagant but also quite insane.

They also pointed out how Maroon 5 was booked to perform at the reception to sing to the wedded pair's first dance. Netizens referred to the band's lead vocalist Adam Levine's alleged cheating scandal, stating that asking a man who almost named one of his children after his mistress, to sing at someone's wedding is not only distasteful but also somewhat a bad omen.

People also mentioned how this much money could rather be used to help in humanitarian works. A few others stated that if a divorce were to happen between Madelaine and Jacob five years down the line, all of the money splurged on this wedding would go to waste.

The user @tonedandthin who reposted the compiled clip of Madelaine Brockway's nuptials on X, also posted the screenshot of a police record that shows Jacob LaGrone was arrested earlier in 2023 on charges of aggravated assault against a public service official.

Details of Madelaine and Jacob's viral "wedding of the century" explored

Prior to Madelaine Brockway’s five-day grandiose wedding, the 26-year-old held a similarly lavish bachelorette party in Amangiri Resort in Utah last month where she made a four-night stay with her closest friends.

The hotel has also hosted renowned celebrities like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Justine Bieber, Kanye West, and more.

Each day of the four-day celebration featured a different theme. The first night was “Pretty in Pink” while the theme for the second night was called “Aliens Amongst Us”, an extraterrestrial rendezvous where Madelaine sported a short bob green wig with bangs to Katy Perry’s famous tracks.

On the third night of the bachelorette, called “Golden Hour”, Madelaine Brockway dressed up as the French queen Marie Antoinette.

Following the bachelorette in Utah, Madelaine and her wedding entourage flew to Paris in their private jets for the main event — the wedding. Five days before the ceremony, the bride and her friends went for a private lunch in a suite at the Chanel Haute Couture.

After that, Madelaine and the guests stayed at the Palace of Versailles, decked in an 18th-century architectural magnificence.

Madelaine and Jacob also took their guests on a complimentary tour of the gardens of Versailles and the Domaine de Trianon. The bride and the groom also visited the Eiffel Tower before their big day and had dinner on a boat with their family and friends along the River Seine.

Their rehearsal dinner took place at one of the world’s most famous opera houses, Palais Garnier. The theatre’s grand staircase was graced with a pleasant display of flowers while female violinists added to the celebrations with tuneful music.

Madelaine Brockway has yet to disclose the wedding venue. However, netizens speculated from the videos posted on TikTok that it likely took place in a backyard garden of an old mansion.

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