Run BTS TikTok challenge: Fans react to HYBE artists doing the point choreography

Run BTS is a favorite among ARMY fans because of the throwback to BTS
Run BTS is a favorite among ARMY fans because of the throwback to BTS' earlier music. (Image via Twitter/ @bts_bighit)

Among the three new songs released as part of BTS' anthology album, Proof, Run BTS became an immediate fan-favorite. The choreography for the track was unveiled at the group's concert in Busan, much to ARMY's delight, who believed that the fast-paced number deserved a live performance.

Subsequently, a BTS dance practice video featuring the song's brilliant choreography was released, followed by several TikToks of the members performing the chorus. One featured all seven members, while another had choreography leader j-hope demonstrating his incredible energy in the challenge.

SUGA and Jimin also attempted the Run BTS choreography in a TikTok, hyping each other up in the video. Jung Kook and V took to their Instagram stories to promote the song, with the former posting a story of him lightly dancing, while V posted a video of him vibing with the music.

HYBE groups try the Run BTS challenge in unique ways, fans cheer

After the Dynamite group put out their version of the challenge, several artists from HYBE corporation also attempted the choreography, sending fans into a tizzy. From TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Yeonjun to all of LE SSERAFIM, here are all the HYBE artists who have participated in the Run BTS TikTok challenge other than BTS.

1) SEVENTEEN's Hoshi

The VERY NICE group's in-house choreographer, who is known for his charisma and smooth dance moves, started the challenge alone and was later joined by four other dancers for the chorus. As expected, Hoshi slayed the choreography, with fans of BTS and SEVENTEEN being very excited by the suddenness of the TikTok (and reel).

RM posted a story promoting SEVENTEEN's song Darl+ing, and j-hope liked the reel on Instagram to express their gratitude to Hoshi for supporting their song.

Here's how fans reacted to the group attempting the Run BTS challenge:

Hoshi is no novice at TikToks and has previously tackled the Rush Hour challenge with Crush and GANADARA challenge with Jay Park, among others.


Rookie group LE SSERAFIM, who debuted with their hit, Fearless, earlier this year, also participated in the challenge. All the members took part in the video, which started with the quintet seated on a bench and concluded with the K-pop group all performing the point choreography together.

BTS' RM continued his streak of promoting HYBE artists who participated in the challenge by adding the all-female group's song Impurities to his Instagram story.

Complimenting the youngest Eunchae on her dancing skills, fans on Twitter and TikTok were impressed by the group's moves. People seemed to appreciate the fact that LE SSERAFIM did so well in the challenge despite the choreography for Run BTS being hardcore.

3) ENHYPEN's Jungwon and Ni-ki

ENHYPEN's leader Jungwon and main dancer Ni-ki put their best foot forward to take part in the Run BTS TikTok challenge together, proving that they still have the same passion that helped them secure a place in the group during I-LAND.

The duo added their own twist by switching positions at the end of the chorus, concluding with swag.

RM promoted ENHYPEN's Upper Side Dreamin’ on his story, adding another song to his tradition of appreciating BTS' junior groups who attempted the challenge.

Showering praise on the boys for their cover, netizens said they loved Ni-ki's moves in particular. Some fans are now hoping for a full cover of the song in the future.

4) NewJeans' Minji and Haerin

The youngest group to come out of HYBE this year, NewJeans has showcased their talent and propensity when it comes to creating popular trends with their songs Attention and Hype Boy, the latter of which was added by BTS' RM to his story after the group attempted the challenge.

Minji and Haerin performed the key choreography of Run BTS dressed in jean shorts, as a throwback to their group name, putting their all into the cover.

The NewJeans dance cover was a revelation to fans who were elated by the apparent ease with which the girls completed the challenge despite the concept being very different from their presently released albums. The energy displayed by Minji and Haerin was also appreciated all around.

5) fromis_9's Lee Seo-yeon

Considered the best at learning choreographies, Lee Seo-yeon's attempt at the Run BTS challenge featured her in an all-black outfit in one of the practice rooms. With her smooth moves and swagger, she seems to draw in the viewer to her TikTok well.

RM's song choice for fromis_9's appreciative shoutout was DM.

Fans loved Lee Seo-yeon's interpretation, with some complimenting her dancing skills while others being impressed by her expressions during the chorus.


TXT sent their TikTok king to carry out the Run BTS challenge, and Yeonjun did not disappoint. In his casual outfit, the eldest member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER did so well in the 30 second video that when fans edited him next to BTS performing the choreography, it was difficult to set him apart from the septet.

RM posted a screenshot of the song that he co-wrote for TXT, 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You), grateful for the younger BIGHIT MUSIC group's support.

Despite some comments about Yeonjun putting in too much energy into the Run BTS choreography, most fans loved the TXT eldest's vibe which suited that of the song perfectly. One would expect no less from the TikTok master who aces any and all challenges that he picks up on.

Some K-pop fans who found the original choreography too difficult, eventually picked up Jung Kook's vibing on his Instagram story as a Tiktok challenge and have started making videos on the same.

The sudden barrage of Run BTS tiktoks has fans wondering about the reason for the same. Two major theories that have emerged are a potential HYBE collaboration stage with all these groups or a music video for the song that is bound to be loved by fans.

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