‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4: Top 5 takeaways from its premiere

'Selling Sunset' Season 4 premieres on Netflix (Image via davinapotratz/ Instagram)
'Selling Sunset' Season 4 premieres on Netflix (Image via davinapotratz/ Instagram)

Selling Sunset Season 4 kickstarted on Wednesday, November 24, on Netflix. The network released all 10 episodes in one go and each one of them triumphs the other in regards to drama and entertainment.

This season of Selling Sunset starred The Oppenheim Group regulars Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Maya Vander, Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, and Heather Rae Young. The new real estate agents to join the group are Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela.

With mind-blowing house listings and expensive sales, the ladies have also brought in a considerable amount of drama.

Let’s have a look at some of the major situations that were highlighted in Selling Sunset Season 4.

1) Christine didn’t invite Mary to her baby shower

A lot has happened since the last season ended in August 2020. Drama queen Christine Queen is nine months pregnant in Selling Sunset Season 4 and is prepping to throw a larger-than-life baby shower. Her jungle safari-themed event also has live animals like sloths and parrots. Although she is on maternity leave, she invites her colleagues to her baby shower, except Mary and Chrishell.

After a major fallout between Chrishell and Christine, the two are not on talking terms. However, Mary was a close friend of Christine but she doesn’t feel she is loyal to her. So, when Mary was not invited and her gift for the baby shower was not accepted, she is livid.

As payback, she didn’t invite Christine to her dog party that she shared with her boss and ex-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim. Interestingly, the O Group boss invited Christine, which led to Mary storming out of her own party for some time.

Their dynamic on Selling Sunset is really confusing for the viewers as neither knows the real reason for hating the other.

2) Emma-Christine’s never-ending “boyfriend” saga

The entire fourth season of Selling Sunset revolved around Christine’s ex-boyfriend, who apparently cheated on her with newcomer Emma Hernan decades ago. As per the show, the incident happened five years ago when Christine caught her then-boyfriend and Emma red-handed on a road. She confronted Emma, and the latter described it as “bloody murder”.

Can Christine move on from this Emma drama? It’s been five years, and she’s married with a child. #SellingSunset

The season showed Christine, who is now happily married and just gave birth to a baby boy, talking about the incident non-stop. What annoyed fans the most was that none of them spilled the man's name. Twitter is literally filled with people asking about the person who is responsible for breaking two ladies’ hearts.

3) Is Vanessa a friend or a puppet?

As soon as Vanessa Villela joined The Oppenheim Group, Christine was extremely sweet to her. While her co-workers have warned her about Christine, Vanessa herself decides who her friends and enemies are. In some episodes, she is seen getting a negative and a “liar” vibe from Christine, but also believes in giving second chances.

Vanessa even tried to mend things between her dear friend and Mary, but the latter blasted her and warned her that Christine likes to keep a puppet by her side.

4) Davina Potratz is back and how!

The initial four episodes of Selling Sunset were missing last season’s Davina Potratz. She left the group to pursue a different project after a fallout with Jason and Chrishell. Now, she is back!

Although the members were against it, Jason and Brett decided to give her another shot. As soon as she entered the office, she apologized to Chrishell. For those who might not know it, Davina said some really harsh things to Chrishell when she went through an ugly public divorce with This is Us star Justin Hartley. Davina apparently took Hartley’s side, who reportedly informed Chrishell about the divorce via text message.

5) Is ‘Selling Sunset’ a Christine Quinn show?

Selling Sunset Season 4 has kept fans hooked to the show. While a lot is happening in the episodes, there is one thing which is constant, and that's Christine Quinn.

These girls claim to not like Christine, but talk about her so much😭 #SellingSunset

If she is not on the screen, then the ladies are talking about her. Fans even suggested renaming the reality series after her. A Christine Quinn show, instead of Selling Sunset.

it’s the christine quinn show #SellingSunset

Meanwhile, Selling Sunset Season 4 is streaming on Netflix. Non-subscribers can get a free subscription for a month.

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