"That was a plot twist": Married at First Sight fans shocked as Alexis changes her mind after decision day 

Alexis wanted to give time to Justin (Image via Lifetime)
Alexis wanted to give time to Justin (Image via Lifetime)

Married at First Sight season 15 finale aired tonight on Lifetime at 8 pm ET.

Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper were worried about Alexis and Justin's final decision because the latter was overly emotional about the former. Alexis confessed that Justin made her feel very comfortable but was worried about their intimacy issues.

She told Justin that she had been hurt multiple times during their 8-week-long marriage and struggled to see the positives in the relationship. Alexis stated that she wanted to confront her fears and confide in her husband. She agreed to giving the marriage some more time.

Just 20 minutes after their decision, the couple got into an argument about Alexis feeling nervous. He asked her if she was doubting her decision at the time but she said no, claiming that she was a logical person. But just 24 hours later, she decided to call it quits with Justin.

Married at First Sight fans were shocked by Alexis's decision. Fans felt that she just wanted to stay in front of the cameras.

Alexis said that she appreciated Justin and felt loved by him. Justin also revealed that Alexis helped him reach an epiphany about his overthinking issues. Justin hoped that Alexis would say yes after he gave away his dog, which he made Alexis feel guilty about on multiple occasions.

Justin said that even though their marriage was a rollercoaster, Alexis had complimented him many times, so he said yes to her. Alexis did say yes to staying married to Justin but was more focussed on growing together as a couple.

Experts told the couple to treat their decision day as a reset button for their marriage.

Alexis apologized to Justin for changing her mind. Justin said that Alexis did just what he feared.

Married at First Sight fans were shocked by Alexis's decision and felt that she only said yes to stay in front of the cameras. They did not think the couple would make it in real life and asked Justin to bring back his dog Mya.

More about Alexis and Justin

Alexis and Justin formed a strong connection during their honeymoon and were the first couple to drop the L word. They also shared that they had seen each other on a dating app before the experiment.

Problems started for the couple as soon as they landed in San Diego because Justin’s dog Mya bit Alexis’s dog in the eye. The event caused her to drift apart from Justin, even after he gave his dog away.

Alexis and Justin fought about the latter wanting to club every weekend. In the last episode, Justin tried to work on himself and his overthinking issues but Alexis friendzoned him. She said that she was not ready to be married to Justin.

What happened on Married at First Sight tonight?

The Married at First Sight couples were nervous about their final decisions. Alexis said that she was typically very decisive but was going back and forth with her final say on marriage. Krysten decided to follow her gut.

Dr. Pepper and Dr. Pal discussed how Stacia and Nate got tattoos of their wedding dates but were facing issues now. Dr. Pepper hoped that the couple would not forget their bond before the fights and stopped curving from each other to build a legacy together.

Stacia said that Nate and her had immediate chemistry after their wedding. She was worried that Nate lacked maturity and could be judgemental. Nate called Stacia his twin flame but confessed that she could never be satisfied. Nate apologized to her for implying that she would be a bad mother.

Stacia pointed out Nate's anger, communication, and mommy issues. Nate, meanwhile, felt that Stacia needed to work on their marriage too. When Dr. Pal asked the couple to concentrate on the positives, the couple praised each other and said yes to staying married.

Lifetime has not yet announced the Married at First Sight season 16 premiere date.

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