Top 10 K-pop songs on Spotify Wrapped 2022 globally


The annual, much-awaited Spotify Wrapped was recently published, revealing the most streamed songs, artists, and genres of the year.

With so many new K-pop releases and some great comebacks by established K-pop artists in 2022, it was hard to keep track of some of the most popular hits of the year. Luckily, the K-pop edition of Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here to help.

From heartwarming OSTs to chart-topping singles, this year's Spotify Wrapped curated the most streamed K-pop songs that dominated listeners' playlists globally. BTS and BLACKPINK dominated the list, with multiple entries.

'Christmas Tree' by V is the #1 most streamed Korean OST of 2022 and the 8th most streamed K-Pop song globally!Congratulations taehyung#SpotifyWrapped

Spotify Wrapped 2022's top ten K-pop songs: BTS' Butter, BLACKPINK's Pink Venom, and eight others

10) With you by BTS’ Jimin, Ha Sung-woon


This melancholic number was Jimin's debut OST for the tvN drama Our Blues. It is also special because the BTS member collaborated with his friend, singer-songwriter Ha Sung-woon, on the track. Breaking several records on its release, the song that describes a bittersweet love story has become one of the most streamed Korean OSTs of all time on Spotify.

9) Permission To Dance by BTS


BTS' all-English dance single, released in the midst of the pandemic, provided much-needed positivity and hope to the world. The music video promotes diversity by featuring people from all over the world, while the incorporation of sign language into the choreography makes it accessible to all.

Unlike the band's heavily choreographed videos, this light-hearted song aims to encourage people to find an escape and indulge in some carefree dancing.

8) Christmas Tree by BTS’ V


The most popular OST of the year, Christmas Tree, featured in the romance drama Our Beloved Summer. Kim "V" Tae-hyung's baritone completely complemented the sentiments of vulnerability and longing that the lyrics present. Dubbed a specialist of winter-themed tracks, the song follows V's previous winter releases, Winter Bear and Snow Flower.

7) Shut Down by BLACKPINK


BLACKPINK literally shut down their haters with this fierce track that shows the members' bold side. The song, which was released in September as the title track of their full-length album Born Pink, has an EDM and rock vibe to it. The lyrics are confident and boastful, implying that even after a two-year break, no one can top them.



Rookie girl group IVE's second single, LOVE DIVE (released in April), earned them their first Daesang (grand prize) at the recently concluded Melon Music Awards 2022. The catchy song, considered to be the sextet's breakout hit, encourages listeners to dive into love if they are courageous enough to do so.

5) Yet To Come by BTS


Released as the title track and one of the three new songs on BTS' anthology album Proof, Yet To Come reflects on the band's achievements over the course of their ten-year journey and all the hard work they put in to reach where they are. The upbeat lyrics serve as a reminder that, while the seven members have achieved success in the first part of their careers, they will return since the best is yet to come.

4) Money by BLACKPINK’s LISA


This B-side song from her solo album LALISA, released in 2021, found its place among Spotify's top ten most streamed K-pop songs of 2022, proving just how much fans love it. The hip-hop song's addictive chorus and impactful choreography made it a viral sensation on TikTok, with 4.5 million videos recorded using the song.

3) Pink Venom by BLACKPINK


K-pop powerhouse BLACKPINK made a smashing comeback after a two-year hiatus with this song. Pink Venom embraced the band's contradictory sides- sweet but deadly, gentle but powerful. BLACKPINK performed the song at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2022, which marked their American awards show debut and made them the first female K-pop group to do so.

2) Dynamite by BTS


The presence of BTS' Grammy-nominated English track Dynamite, released in 2020, on Spotify's 2022 list indicates the love this song gets from fans. The disco-themed song is full of pop culture references and shout-outs to some of the members' favorite celebrities. Released at a time when the world was drowning in sadness, the funk and soul song serves as a reminder that it’s the little things that make life worth living.

1) Butter by BTS


Another all-English song by the K-pop superstars, Butter also makes references to pop legends Michael Jackson and Usher. The lively, enjoyable summer song set five Guinness World Records at the time of its release. In 2021, an edited video of US President Joe Biden lip-syncing to the song, created by US TV show presenter Jimmy Fallon, went viral.

K-pop had a successful year in 2022, as the genre saw significant growth in popularity and a number of its artists performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the world. According to Spotify's Wrapped 2022, K-pop songs accounted for more than 16.5 billion streams in 2022, representing a 20 percent increase from 2021.

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