"I get random calls": TWICE spills on the harsh realities of fame with Cosmopolitan magazine

A still of the K-pop group (Image via @JYPETWICE/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop group (Image via @JYPETWICE/Twitter)

K-pop girl group TWICE has created ripples on the internet with its groovy tracks and talent ever since it debuted back in October 2015. With each member having their own unique personalities and skills, the group has come a long way in terms of global popularity and musical success.

While being in the spotlight is the desire of many, including those who are currently training to become K-pop idols, the road to success and fame is not all that smooth. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, the nonet spilled the beans on the disadvantages and hard realities of fame.


Like every ordinary person, the group members, too, have their personal and work cell phones. However, being in the entertainment industry, personal information about celebrities gets easily leaked with thousands of fans as well as anonymous users bearing nefarious intentions.

During her turn, group mate Jeongyeon shared that the common issues faced by the members are random calls by sasaengs (obsessive fans) on their phones. She revealed:

"I get random calls these days on my cell phone. Sometimes I worry about that and how that happened."

TWICE members take turns to reveal the grim realities of fame

K-pop girl group TWICE recently sat down with international magazine Cosmopolitan. The members took turns describing their individual fashion styles along with discussing how fame has treated them since their debut in the music industry.

In the interview, the girls opened up about their musical success and each member's first experience with their popularity and influence in the world. While all of them are grateful to their fans, they also revealed the difficulties stemming from their worldwide fame.

TWICE's Sana shared her fear of sasaengs who stalk idols and leak personal information for their own benefit. The idol even stated that she feels frightened while carrying her passport at the airport lest someone takes pictures of her personal information:

"I'm really worried about my personal information leaking, especially at the airports. When I’m showing my passport, sometimes people are taking pictures from above."

While privacy is paramount for many famous personalities, group members Jihyo and Tzuyu also shared the difficulties of maintaining a work-life balance. Although they are thankful for their fans, their schedules are always hectic. Jihyo stated:

"I don’t want to call it a downside of fame, but I have to say that we are just super busy right now and I don’t have enough individual me-time. I would like to have a little bit more."

Tzuyu emphasized:

"For me, it’s very similar to Jihyo. I’m just so thankful for the love that we’ve received. And it would be great if we can have a little bit more time to care for ourselves so that we can recuperate."

TWICE’s Mina relayed her experience and stated that with the support of her bandmates, she is able to face new challenges. The idol revealed that she likes to spend time alone as it helps her cope with the difficulties.

Up next, TWICE's Dahyun revealed an excellent respite while touring with the band. She stated:

"To relax while I’m touring, I eat. Our staff always prepares healthy and delicious foods, so that’s the most important part after the concerts. And personally, I take a bath and I nap. And sometimes I look up funny clips on YouTube."

During her segment, group mate Momo shared that everyone looks after each other while traveling. She stated:

"When we’re working, there are certain members who are more energetic than others. When I’m tired and not at my best, they really make me laugh and just by talking to them I get more energy. And when they’re tired, I make them laugh."

Last but never the least, Nayeon stated that the group members rely on each other and also experience similar hardships. In that regard, each member's maturity during distress motivates her to become like them:

"When they don’t complain about those hardships. It even energizes me to watch other members do that.

Meanwhile, TWICE's Nayeon recently dropped her first-ever solo mini-album IM NAYEON on June 24, 2022. With her debut as a soloist, the idol has seen soaring success on various international music charts.


On July 3, 2022, Billboard officially announced that Nayeon’s mini-album debuted #7 on the famous Top 200 Albums charts, making her the first K-pop solo singer in history to ever enter the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

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