What did Aaron Yan do? Allegations against Taiwanese actor explored amid ex-boyfriend scandal

Aaron Yan and ex-boyfriend Raku (Image via Aaron Yan/Facebook and Raku/Instagram)
Aaron Yan and ex-boyfriend Raku (Image via Aaron Yan/Facebook and Raku/Instagram)

The 36-year-old Taiwanese actor and singer, Aaron Yan issued an apology on June 20, 2023, after an ex-boyfriend accused the star of secretly taping their s*xual encounter while they were seeing each other in 2016.

The ex-boyfriend identified as a male TikToker Raku also revealed that he was only 16 at the time of the incident. In a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, Raku alleged that in 2016 when he was merely a 16-year-old Highschool student, Aaron Yan, accepted his friend request and began chatting him up in private messages.

A starstruck Raku, over-enthused at the prospect of communicating with his Idol, encouraged the texts. During one of their correspondence, Aaron, who was 31 at the time, allegedly invited the 16-year-old home with a ruse to watch Netflix and the pair reportedly got intimate.

At the time, Raku, who provided consent, established a caveat that Aaron abstain from filming the pair during their encounters. However, Aaron surreptitiously recorded their activities, despite agreeing to the caveat.

Raku also accused the star of exploiting the young TikToker’s naivety when navigating his first relationship as Yan allegedly gaslighted the 16-year-old who often caught the actor with other men. The post read:

"I also got a call in the middle of the night from someone you were dating at the same time...I have no idea how he got my phone number. I don't know what to do with it. I loved you so much at the time, fell in love with a seemingly perfect you. You told me it was crazy and asked me to ignore him and that I'm stupid."

Aaron Yan allegedly threatened his ex-boyfriend over their leaked tape after the pair broke up

Aaron Yan (Image via Facebook)
Aaron Yan (Image via Facebook)

In 2018, Raku was reportedly working in Beijing, when he was alerted that a s*x tape featuring him and Aaron had gone viral. In the aforementioned Instagram post, Raku said that he was outraged after discovering Aaron had filmed them without his knowledge. However, the young TikToker supposedly forgave the star after he proclaimed his love to him.

"On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2018, I was working in Beijing when I received a private message. My s*x film with you had gone viral. I was very angry and very helpless at that moment,” the post read, in part.

Shortly after, in 2018, the Taiwanese actor was accused of dating three men at the same time. When the allegations surfaced, Raku, allegedly protected the star for years after he was embroiled in the 2018 controversy alleging he was dating multiple men.

In the wake of the allegations, Aaron Yan issued an apology and things seemed to have returned to normal until Raku, in an Instagram post on Tuesday, accused the star of threatening him following the 2018 s*x tape controversy.

Raku (Image via Instagram)
Raku (Image via Instagram)

Raku said that after allegations of Aaron Yan dating multiple men surfaced, he quickly severed his relationship with the actor. However, Aaron allegedly threatened the TikToker to stay silent over the s*x tape.

While Raku, terrified over retaliation from the actor, stayed quiet for years after the couple broke up, he has now revealed that he had to drop out of high school after the tape leaked. He said that he also had to bow out of public life after becoming fodder for tabloid gossip.

Shortly after the Tiktoker came out with his allegations against Aaron Yan, the singer, in a Facebook post, acknowledged his wrongdoing over the s*x tape and issued an apology.

“I am willing to face the mistakes once again, because these are me, and without them, it is impossible for me to realize. This was the result of my own personal feelings not being handled well, sorry again, made the worst demonstration. I used to be a terrible person, so I spent a lot of time constantly asking for help, participating in various counseling and classes,” his apology read.

What we know about Aaron Yan

Image via Aaron Yan/Facebook
Image via Aaron Yan/Facebook

Aaron Yan is a famous Taiwanese actor/singer who founded the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit. Yan reportedly lived in the United States for five years before moving back to Taiwan for his high school and college education. Yan made his acting debut when he was 19 years old in the Taiwanese film “I love my wife” in August 2004.

Aaron Yan then went on to found the Taiwanese band Fahrenheit which became quite popular after the band members starred in a show called KO One.

Shortly after the band disbanded in 2011, Yan launched a solo career and released his debut play, “The Next Me,’ which spent weeks at the number one spot on the G-Music chart.

He then went on to act in several shows and released hit music that cemented his stature as a famous Taiwanese star in the world.

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